Political Correctness

The “B” Word

I’m stealing this post from my friend Stephen Metcalfe. Mostly because it’s better than what I was too lazy to finish writing… But he also stole one line from me — can you guess which one?
Remember, friend is just one “r” away from becoming a fiend…

Stephen Metcalfe


Okay, guess what? You’ll never guess in a million years and so I’ll tell you. Sit on his ass at a desk me recently went to — wait for it — call it the “B” word — a baseball game. Yes! And not just any game. Major League Baseball, baby! San Diego Padres. Petco Park. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

A little background

I was never any kind of standout at team sports. Couple a lack of athletic ability with an unrelenting fear of making a mistake and letting teammates down and you have the recipe for a tennis player. Having said that, during high school I did play on the baseball team. Why, I’ll never know. Perhaps because we didn’t have a tennis team, perhaps because I had friends who played baseball, perhaps because I’d suffered my way through little league and didn’t know…

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