Best Wishes is BULLSHIT

When Trump got the Covid, way too many fucking people “wished” him well.

No good deed goes unpunished. No well-intentioned wish doesn’t fuck up the universe — again.

CNN, MSNBC forced everyone to say they wished Trump “good health”. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram punished people who said the Covid should kill our potential dictator. Dumb asses.

Before they let him out of the fucking hospital, he was already tweeting:

Then he topped it by leaving the hospital against medical advice, announcing he beat Covid and ripping off his mask the second he got back to the White House.

Stole the image from ABC news.

Trump getting the Covid was almost enough to make me think I could have been wrong all this time — maybe there is a God.

Maybe the ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was whispering in the host of hosts ear, and the Good Lord decided to do a little smiting — played “spin the virus” at Amy Cohen Barrett’s coming out party.

But smiting only works if you mean it. Giving a bunch of Republicans the sniffles is not enough. Remember when that crazy asshole shot Steve Scalise at a softball game?

Scalise still had trouble breathing and used his crutches to “half” stand up and support “open carry” everywhere. Fuuuuccckkkkk.

This Trump cult is so deep it’s going to take some real shit to bring them back to reality.

Sure, the odds were in Trump’s favor. Sure, 90 percent of people don’t get sick with this shit. Sure, the rich and well-cared for have much higher survival rates and fewer complications

They whisked Trump’s fat ass off to Walter Reed just when he had a little fever and the thingy on his finger showed his oxygen below optimal.

They pumped him up with cocktails of anti-bodies and a couple of courses of steroids like he was Lance Armstrong before a race.

He’s the first person in history who had a healthier meal in the hospital.

They probably gave him a few vegetables and a fruit cup. That’s the first time he ate anything better than a Number 2 meal since he left military school.

I’ll bet they took away his Adderall and let him sleep for a full 8 hours. No wonder he was feeling like fucking superman.

Now he’s just going to continue with this Narcissistic Homicide… killing hundreds of thousands of people because his ego won’t get the fuck out of the way.

Like military heroes before them, people who get sick or die from Covid will be the new “losers” and “suckers.” He’ll be holding indoor rallies surrounded by his infected survivors and burning masks in effigy.

I’m not saying your fake god should have killed him with the Covid. But if there was a god, he would have at least had 3 ghosts visit him at Walter Reed and scare some sense into him.* I would have been ecstatic if he had just wondered the streets smiling like a fool and buying every family a goose for Christmas.

Instead we are going to get a new Cobra Kai Sensei who will be chanting “No Mercy” on all of us.

As long as he is in power and feeling strong, there will be no plan to stop Covid. There will be no masking, no distancing, no real testing for drugs or a vaccine. No sympathy for the sick or the dead.

Just calls to force open schools and bars and damn the death toll — full economy ahead.

I’m not saying we should have wished he died, but wishing him well is not going to help the rest of us survive the worse pandemic in a 100 years and the worst president ever.

Instead of wishing the Putin Puppet good health, let’s wish that Joe Biden wins this election and we can put this national orange nightmare behind us.


  • Oct. 10, 2020. The wife told me I “stole” the 3 ghosts joke from Saturday Night Live the Saturday before. I didn’t remember them saying anything about it. I checked. Michael Che made a side comment about 3 Ghosts visiting trump, but didn’t use as a punch line. I added the purpose, who should have sent the Ghost (fake god) and what should happen (buying a Christmas Goose for everyone). Since SNL stole it from Dickens, and Dickens may have stolen it from Washington Irving… All that shit has got to be public domain by now.

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