Pickleball sucks

Suck It Pickle Ball — updated

When you are ready to die, try Pickle Ball.

For those of you who don’t know Pickle Ball, stay far away from that bullshit. It combines the skills of ping-pong, with the fancy “equipment” of a barbecue “pit” at a trailer park.

Cornhole is more competitive and played by much more intelligent people than”pickle ballers”.

The fucking Pickle Ball net is a piece of shit thin metal tube with plastic lining. They are half price at the dollar store. If you pick it up by a “post,” it immediately falls apart.  If you pick it up in the middle, shit falls off and it bends like you hung 10 pounds from a wire shirt hanger.

They play with cheap-ass paddles that make awful thwacking sounds that echo into your fillings and rattle around your sinuses.

They call it a ball sport, but it’s a hollow fucking piece of plastic that is more easter egg than “ball”.

Lack of teeth seems to be a basic requirement of pickle ball. Stole the image from here.  An argument over who invented this stupid game and where.

Years ago, it spread in retirement communities like a sexually transmitted disease. The average age of most Pickle Ballers was about 80. Now when I look over, they are gathering the young.  Those douchebags should be sent to re-education camps. Get that fucking pickle out of your mouth and pick up a tennis racquet. Save the Pickle Ball for after the dentist has pulled all your teeth.

Every place I play tennis, the octogenarians steal at least one tennis court to make 2 Pickle Ball courts. They haven’t earned those courts by organizing the game, certifying thousands of coaches, teaching tons of people and convincing every private club and town to build courts. Tennis has been doing that since 1890.

Pickle Ballers just drop their cheap-ass nets, paint some fucked up blue lines and take our tennis courts like they are the fucking zombie pirates from a Disney movie.

If you are forced to witness a Pickle Ball game, it’s 15 minutes of talking and debating for every 30 seconds of play.

They can’t hear each other because they turn down their hearing aids to block those god awful thwacking sounds. They spend the whole match “screaming” at each other — no one can hear shit.

They can’t remember shit either — especially the score… Every game is like taking your senile uncle to lunch. “Where are we?”

With the smaller court and slower “ball”, every tennis player knows that’s where we will eventually be exiled.

When the “younger” tennis assholes hit every drop shot for a winner and snicker (or shout “Condo” for some  reason) — we will be forced to do the shuffle of shame to the back courts.

We will have to pick up a paddle and a fucking whiffle ball and wait for grim death to embrace what little is left of our non-existent souls.

So, long live tennis. And Fuck You Pickle Ball. I’ll walk on your shitty little courts right after I’m admitted to hospice.


I’m not in hospice, yet. It’s much, much worse than that… I’m in a Pickle(ball).

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  1. What a great sport!! Screw the 10,000 hours of hard work and highly focused practice sessions to achieve proficiency in any other performance activity. Now you can be an insufferable arrogant prick with a minimal amount of effort. A sport for “has-beens” and “never-weres.”

    It amazes me that people take a Pickleball Clinic, then declare themselves to be experts. Something with which they accost you if you have the great misfortune to play with one of them. Unfortunately, with the forced socialization of the rotation rules in most venues, this experience is inevitable.

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  2. With regard to the “15 minutes of standing around for every 30 seconds of play.” Using that estimation, for every minute of play there is 1/2 hour of standing around in Pickleball.

    In the average NFL game, it is estimated that there is 11 minutes of action over 3.15 hours.

    In the average MLB game, there is 18 minutes of play over 3 hours and 5 minutes. For every minute of action, there is 10 minutes of standing around.

    So, MLB games are 3X more “action packed” than Pickleball, and NFL games are 2X more “action packed” than Pickleball.

    Personally, I’m a fan of Australian Rule Football. Pretty much all action.

    (Source: https://twitter.com/joepompliano/status/1307426486782226433)


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