Political Correctness

Stay in school

Here’s a message I thought I could stand up and salute… or at least a part of me could.

If you can’t read the pink letters it says: “I sucked a dick for this dollar. Stay in school!” (picture of a heart).

The internet back story: a high school kid was working at a fast food joint and talking about dropping out — when a young but rough looking customer left behind a bill with this message to “scare them straight.”

I wanted to think there was a wannabe hooker with a heart of gold leaving little notes for “the kids” to help them make good decisions.

Checked the Google… there were hundreds of images with the same message. Fuck.

Just another bullshit meme/urban myth writ large across Twitter.

But this one stood out. It was written in pink marker (outlining a black pen). It finished with the little heart like it was a fourth grade girl leaving a note for her mother.

The worst part? It’s a single. Who is sucking dicks for one dollar? Pathetic.

Most of the memes had $20’s, some had $100’s. But a sad little single dollar. Not only is that crappy pay for a sex worker — it won’t even buy a large fry.

There’s a whole set of research on the positive impacts of “precise pricing.” Use odd numbers and decimals for rational choices, round numbers for emotional ones. To say the least, charging down to the dollar for a blow job is not an evidence-based decision. That alone made me suspicious of this story.

Don’t these hookers read the blogs on pricing off of LinkedIn? Unbelievable. If it had been a $5 or a $10, I might believe this fucking story — but a single just ruined the whole milieu.

Despite the obvious fraud, it’s still a message with a good cause. Stay in school kids. You don’t want to be the one who finds this dollar in your tip jar.

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  1. Hmm, how can I comment on this?

    Well, I think you hit the nail on the head. I wonder if they had a just the tip jar. Inflation has made life really hard. Trying to get a good paying job under COVID really blows.

    Sorry for that paragraph. Anyway, I was wondering if I’d missed some posts, so I’m glad I found this one. The pink pen and heart really sold it for me.


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