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Kyrsten for cash

A bi-sexual, atheist senator — what could be better? I couldn’t wait to pull the lever for Kyrsten Sinema.

I didn’t think she would have a chance in hell of winning in the former confederate member and current Mormon-biased state of Arizona. But holy shit, she beat a female fighter pilot and now gets to lead her own inappropriate fashion show at almost every meeting of the Senate.

On her way to preside over the Senate — first man or woman to do so in denim…

But I have not been this disappointed since I found out Santa wasn’t real and Jesus was a fraud. Pre-K can be a tough year on some kids.

When Trump was in office, she voted with the Orange traitor 62.6 percent of the time. In the Senate, she keeps inserting herself in every bill — holding the body hostage in what looks like a desperate search for attention.

She famously gave the thumbs down to minimum wage with a “in your face” gesture better reserved for a bad high school rendition of Julius Caesar than a Senate vote.

She won’t get rid of the anti-democratic filibuster rule (60-votes to pass almost anything) with a bullshit claim that she is “preserving democracy.” Right now it is only protecting Republicans — and you know as soon as they have a majority in the Senate, they will abolish the filibuster and do what they want.


She claims she is being bipartisan. Working with both sides in an effort to continue to get elected in purple Arizona. Check out her post and the responses on twitter…

But that shit won’t work. She is just alienating Democrats to the point she may lose her own primary in 2024. Even if she does win the primary, she is making it more likely that when the Republicans nominate another election-denying, handmaid-tale loving fascist, the wacko will have a better chance of winning.

If it is politics that is motivating her, she is suicidal. She is not doing this for her re-election.

It’s the cash.

In the past three years, her net worth went from $32,500 to more than $1 million. Senators get paid $174,000 per year. It’s not her salary, it’s the “extra-curricular” activities that are being home the bacon.

She is accepting large donations from every major corporation and billionaire she can find.

Reportedly, she has developed a taste for fine wine. Even doing a “paid” internship at winery in Sonoma, Ca. during one of the Senate breaks. She earned $1100 or so in 3-weeks.

But it was not just any winery. It was the Three Sticks owned by William S. Price III, a cofounder of TPG Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in the world ($108 billion under management). They gave Sinema a $6800 campaign donation.

This is how corruption begins. You start out checking out fast cars, fine foods or ridiculously-priced wines and you end up being an asshole who votes against everything you have ever believed or experienced.

  • Sinema has voted against a Jan. 6 commission in the Senate (or she missed the vote).
  • She was against lowering the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Most recently against taxing the investor class — you know removing the “carried interest” deductions for people like William S. Price so they pay a lower percentage of taxes than any wage earner (rich or poor).

I’m not surprised that any politician changes when they get into office. The temptations from the new American aristocrats are real. The rewards for going to the dark side are far greater than anything most ordinary Americans can imagine.

But Sinema has made the switch with relish. She seems to revel in her new-found friends and power. Her fuck-off ring we thought was for the powerful has been pointed at us.

Stole the image from the Daily Beast and they stole it off Twitter — probably hers…

What’s so disappointing is how little she has gotten in return. The carried-interest change saved billionaires about $1.4 billion per year. Sinema didn’t even get $1 million to save it. That’s about .0007 percent.

There’s only 5 key senators on that vote, you would think they could at least get 1 percent each ($140 million). If you are going to fuck us like this, at least get a little more than a $2 whore…

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  1. All politicians lead the way to disappointment, I don’t care which side they are on. Their jobs, as lawmakers, is to figure out ways to control our lives. And they do. That, in itself, is enough to leave anyone disappointed.

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