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Fuck the USTA

The United States Tennis Association sucks little green balls so hard, its choking out the brain that should be fixing that piece of shit USTA website.

It’s just a website for fuck’s sake, keep it simple. Not the USTA site. You hit a series of buttons on Monday and get to your team page. You hit the same series of buttons on Tuesday and get to some fucking mixed tournament in Peoria.

I click “keep me logged in”, and it logs me out.

The only fucking thing that works is the payment page. And pay you will. The goddamn annual membership fee grants me nothing. You still pay for every league, every tournament and every other use of USTA shit.

If you are lucky enough to win a league (and I only know this second hand, because the fucking USTA would not let me play 3.5 when the goddamn 3.5 team went to sections/nationals) you pay again.

You pay to travel, you pay to play in the sectionals and national tourney. What the fuck is the league fee for if it doesn’t pay for the end of season tournaments.

The fucking USTA is not providing any services to the league — except access to the piece of shit website. Ohh, and for some goddamn reason, I keep getting Tennis magazine piling up in my mailbox, and I can’t read the fucking thing because the print is too small.

I’m all for supporting tennis so more people play and there are more courts and they teach kids how to play. But the USTA puts roofs over stadiums in New York that only get used a couple weeks a year. They build Taj Mahal tennis centers in the fucking alligator-invested-swamps of Florida. Fuck Florida and its massive mosquitoes.

How about building a decent indoor tennis facility with low-cost use in every major city in the US?

How about building or supporting low-cost clay courts or grass courts in urban centers?

How about building a fucking usable website that isn’t covered with bullshit photos and ads?

How about supporting/promoting more than one professional tournament a year and using the proceeds to support the average player?

USTA doesn’t do any of that shit well enough that it’s worth the money we give them every year.

I’m not alone. There are 4 or 5 of us at the third-world racquet club who are on FUSTA (Fuck the USTA) and want to boycott or end run these greedy incompetent fucks.

There’s low or not cost software that will run leagues and tournaments. We could run a league for $10 a player per year.

We don’t need these USTA shit heads to run a league or even a sectional or national championship. We can do this on our own.

We are Americans goddamnit. Didn’t we tell the French and King George to go fuck themselves? Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no….


Update: Aug. 9, 2017. I got a “huge flow” of traffic to this post in the last 2 days (5 more people read it), so I googled “USTA sucks” because I’m still pissed. And this rant came up second.

This discussion came up first:

Which linked to this article:

Which linked to this article:

Turns out the USTA is a giant scam that pays big bucks to their friends to make only somewhat useful tennis centers or products.

Read part 2Fuck the USTA- Again

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