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Facebook Propoganda — Updated

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Facebook is once again “trying” to be transparent.

It’s another lame attempt, Fuckerberg.

In 2018, they released this shit. If you go here:

Facebook shows you if you “liked or followed” anything from the “Internet Research Agency.”

I hit the link, nothing.

I did not “like or follow” — whoop-de-fucking-do.

Didn’t tell me if that shit showed up on my page or how many of my crazy-ass friends pushed Russian propaganda at me. That’s some Grade A Bullshit right there.

In 2019, Facebook announced it was NOT going to fact-check political ads and so any Tom, Dick or Ivan can write whatever the fuck they want as long as they pay for the Ad.

“It’s less than 1 percent of our revenue,” Facebook said.

Facebook made $66 billion in the last 12 months.  So those political ads are only $660 million in revenue…  So their “political ads” alone would be about the size of Etsy or DoorDash.

For a company that makes billions by knowing all of our internet “friends”, how we are connected and which ones like chocolate donuts with sprinkles, the Russian “tracking” and lack of fact checking is just fucking lame.

I guarantee Facebook is telling every advertiser exactly who got an “impression” of their shit or read the bullshit in their political ads.

But will they share that info about our own connections for free? Fuck NO.

Why exactly won’t they hire a few fact checkers to make sure they are not spreading propaganda?

“Free Speech,” they say.

So if you are rich enough to afford the ad campaigns, you are free to lie all you want.

Propaganda only works on those willing to believe it. But people are fucking stupid, and we don’t need to spread more “stupid” in this world.

And you know damn well that Facebook knows more about this than they are willing to admit. We should make Fuckerberg and his minions figure out how to stop it, or we should treat Facebook like a publisher and hold them accountable for the shit that goes out on their site.

If a media company did that on the airwaves, the government can pull their license and shut them down.

We should think about shutting down Facebook for a few days — we’ll see how quickly they drop this bullshit stance and clean up their propaganda machines.

Ohh, and you too Twitter. Grow up and act like real publishers and stop hiding behind the “crowd.” Lazy, greedy, fucking shits — don’t push your propaganda on us.

Parts of this post were originally published in January, 2018.

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