Political Correctness

The Bonobo Cure for "Incels"

The older I get, the more I blame the fucking chimps for making our society (mostly) ass-backward.


  • birthdays (should be for the mom not you asshole)
  • high school (we should make those fuckers work at manual labor while they physically can, and then educate them when they are ready)
  • taxes (the poor should pay a lower percentage than the rich –businesses more than people…)

OK, I realize I may be alone with the birthday and high school, (but think about it…)

And then for the ultimate ass-backery look at this “involuntary celibacy” bullshit. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/minority-report/201804/the-incel-involuntary-celibacy-problem

Men who can’t get laid are letting their balls get bloated with anger. It builds into racist and mysogist rants, and it ends in assault and murder.

Yes, it’s absolutely these fucking “incel’s” fault, and they are responsible for their words and actions. They should be punished for the shit they do, and we should try to correct it at every turn.

But our society is based on the wrong model, and we could do a few things to make this less of a problem.

Let’s start by not shaming women for having a sex drive. We should be celebrating that as a gift from your imaginary gods. (I wrote about this before in Celebrating Sluttery — see I predicted this “incel” shit — before I heard of it.)

We should be shaming men who try to control and manipulate women like a group of dolphins kidnapping and gang banging anything with more than one blow hole.

The oldest profession should also be one of the most honored. It should be more morally acceptable than being a lawyer or a cop, or a goddamn auto maker (talk about getting screwed — fucking VW).

If any women are willing to take on these repugnant dicks (when the prices are right), we should be thanking them for saving our lives.

I guarantee a lot of this fucking terrorism comes down to men who can’t “get” women — even if they hide it behind a bullshit book of religious dogmas.

Prostitution should be like getting your car washed (don’t worry Honey, I never wash my car). But these goddamn incels should skip the gun store and get in line for the “Freaky Friday” $5 hand wash.

We also have a fucking crazy standard of female beauty. We’ve set these unattainable goals that only fake boobs, ass lifts and tummy tucks can create. Don’t get me started on hair, nails, heels and makeup crap…

Not only do we fuck up females with this bullshit judgement, we judge men by the women they can attract. I’ll bet most of the “incels” are picky as hell and would never date a woman that looks like “them.”

It’s been forever since I’ve had to worry about dating, but as far as I can tell, it’s still a fucking mess.

chimps to man

There’s one group to blame. Sometime in the wayback, we picked the wrong ancestor to follow. We are acting like chimps when we should be acting like bonobos.

Chimps are very warlike and use force & physical violence to settle differences. Bonobos, on the other hand, use sex (both hetero & homo) to ease tension & settle disputes.


I’ll pass on the homo, but as long as 2 adult bonobos are consenting…

By the way, force and physical violence goes a long way to explain why people hate taxes.

Let’s see those Republicans complain about April 15 if they get a blowjob for every 1040EZ they complete.

See, see. We should all act like Bonobos and ditch those fucking chimps. We’d all be a lot happier, and there wouldn’t be any non-fucking “involuntary celibates” stocking up on guns (or moving vans) to try and kill us all.