LJBTC doesn’t welcome me

Sometimes the universe hates my plans.

Months in advance, we planned another foray to the LJBTC Community for June 12.  On, June 8, they called and told me they were cancelling the room. The Inn is closed.  Thanks Covid-19.

“We’ll let you know when we reopen again,” was the word from La Jolla.

The Bear and I spent the weekend looking at pictures and costs of pet friendly vacation rentals on the California beach.  We gotta get the fuck out of the desert.  Tucson was burning down from the fire on the mountain, Phoenix was doing its best to impersonate hell.

Found a rental. Will take a dog. God knows if it’s actually on the beach — there’s six rows in this condo development. I’m guessing we will be 4 rows back from the sand. Book it, Bearo.

Non-refundable reservation only a few weeks before we go.

June 11, LJBTC sends me an email:  “We are open again — taking reservations starting tomorrow.” June 12 — the day they started taking reservations, was the exact day I had booked to start my vacation back in January.

Well, ain’t that a fine “fuck you”.  Screwed by an uncaring universe again.

We will be in Del Mar looking up the hill at the snooty folks in La Jolla — where there are no pets allowed.

Now that we have promised the puppy a trip to the ocean, we can’t go back on it now. Yeah, I know what you are thinking and fuck you — my dog understands English… Your dog is a fucking idiot.

Hoping our 3 days with the 1 percent of the LJBTC Community will still be good in July.  That’s when the humidity will flow north into our dry desert and make summer even worse.

No Guests at the Inn

In the meantime, honorary Pendejo, Stephen, was arranging a doubles tennis match in La Jolla for June.

“They still won’t allow guests,” he emailed.  ‘I don’t know why when they are letting people stay at the hotel.”


Mai Tai’s in the shade next to the beach at the LJBTC… but they don’t want me.

It’s OK Stephen, I can take a hint.  It’s just like the high school. I know when I’m not wanted.

First they say — maybe you can come.  Then they say you can’t because of the “rules.” Then they open for the rest of the world, but not for me…  The LJBTC is treating me just like they did for Karen Kramer’s graduation party.

But Stephen is willing to travel.  Maybe we will end up hitting at the Bobby Riggs museum for tennis.  (Not kidding the museum includes a tennis club and isn’t far from Del Mar.)

“I know people there,” Stephen said.

Good.  But when I checked the website, it didn’t say anything about guests or “temporary members.”

“Don’t worry,” Stephen wrote. “When I said I know people, I meant, I know the owners.” Of course he does.  This is the same guy who thought I knew Lewis Black, because I paid for tickets to see him.

But Stephen has argued over rent with Lewis Black and Jon Bowman.

Maybe this won’t be like high school after all.

I don’t know if this is some sort of reverse karma, when the world famous chauvinist wins over the most accepting community ever, or is this some fucked up cosmic justice to balance the first logical decision the Supreme Court has made since Trump got elected…

Either way, if the LJBTC won’t take me, Bobby Riggs will. Go figure.


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