Carol Baskins

The ears have it

I was watching one of those bullshit Hollywood chat shows, when I heard something interesting — yeah shocked me to.

Nick Offerman recalled the worst criticism he ever received.


Early in his career, a respected acting teacher said something like:

“No one will ever listen to you, your eyebrows say what you are going to say 5 seconds before you open your mouth.”

My pandemic puppy, Killer Carol Fucking Baskin, has the same problem with her ears.

They turn into triangles.

carol-bed-triangle ears

They stand up.


They impersonate Yoda

They flop.


Sometimes together, sometimes one at a time.

carol-one-ear up

Wait, Igor wasn’t that flop on the other side?

What flop?


These ears say when she is curious, scared, hungry, sleepy or pissed.

They also tell you when she is playful and when that playful mood changes…

Watch how in just a few seconds she goes from playful little puppy to the Mussolini Strut with the fascist right ear salute.

I’m starting to understand what Nick Offerman’s acting coach meant…

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