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The high cost of the Electoral College

It was created to solve a problem that didn’t exist, and now the very existence of the Electoral College creates a bigger problem — giving power to losers.

5 Presidents have lost the popular vote and won the office through the Electoral College. All 5 sucked ass. It’s a good way to list of our worst presidents.

The first was John Quincy Adams, who bought his way in by winning the house in the “Corrupt Bargain” that named the speaker of the house as Secretary of State. Yes, they knew how to spell Quid Pro Quo in 1824 too. What is President Adams (the son) known for? Not much. As a loser, he couldn’t get anything passed. He did more before he snuck into the presidency (authored the Monroe Doctrine to have the US dominate Latin America, and bought Florida from Spain — yes we can blame him for Florida.)

About 50 years later we got Rutherford B. Hayes, who ended reconstruction and let the South reconstitute a form of slavery through Jim Crow laws, share-cropping and private prisons. We didn’t right some of those wrongs for another 100 years.

A dozen years later, in 1888, there was a corrupt election with each side buying votes. Benjamin Harrison appeared to buy more and wormed his way in office through — you guessed it — the Electoral College. Four years later he was out on his ass, and they brought back Grover Cleveland. What do we remember Harrison for? I’ll save you the time on Google — NOTHING.

The last two losers have been made the 19th Century look “great”. George W. Bush took his eye off the ball and let 9-11 happen (may have happened anyway – but he sure didn’t help.). Then he started two wars we are still fighting and left the people of New Orleans to fight the hurricane on their own. Ohh, and like every Republican since Eisenhower, he ballooned the deficit and crashed the economy. No George W., we haven’t forgotten about you, and you still suck.

Trump is easily the worst president in US History. The Jan. 6 insurrection sealed the title. He will go down in history as the only president who tried to overthrow an election by ginning up a mob of morons. Just because they were terrible at running a revolt, did not mean they were not trying to end democracy and install a dictator.

All of the “pro” electoral college arguments are just bullshit. It was created to avoid democracy. The founding fathers hated the unwashed masses and wanted to control them. Electors seemed a way to make sure only the “right people” won.

The actual Electoral College in 2020 opening old wooden boxes to open old style manilla envelopes.  When can we get rid of this ancient, fake ceremony?
Yes they still use manilla envelopes and wooden boxes like it’s 1792. Stole the image from here.

The Electoral College was thrown in at the last minute of the constitutional convention, and didn’t get much discussion. Within a few elections, even the people who created it, hated it and wanted it repealed.

It never did represent small states — it only shifts the emphasis to a few “swing states”. Swing states move with the mood of the country. Remember when Georgia was solidly “red?”

It should go the way of “only male land owners” can vote, state militias, and legislators picking senators. Abolish it in favor of counting every vote. Then maybe presidents will actually run national campaigns and try to get every vote from every state instead of focusing on 100,000 votes in just the right counties in just the right states.

But in these times, Republicans can’t seem to win without it. They will fight to keep it. They will have help from officials in both parties who want to maintain their role as “electors,” and get rewarded with a trip and a party every 4 years for their loyal service.

Media leaders and historians will protect it too. Complicated systems favor the “experts” and brings value to their expertise. Otherwise, Steve Kornaki might be out on his khakis.

Managers of the “bot farms” in Russia, Iran and China have spent decades learning about the voting intricacies of key counties in swing states in the US. They will join the fight to protect their precarious positions. They will pump up Facebook posts claiming America is a “republic” and the founders loved the Electoral College.

Electoral College drop outs

Luckily, we may be able to rid ourselves of this constitutional appendix without major political surgery.

15 states with 196 electors have already signed on to The National Popular Vote rule. States pledge to force their electors to vote for whoever wins the national popular vote. If a few more states (74 electors) sign on, the national vote winner will automatically win the Electoral College. Making that mess of an institution moot. Swing states be damned.

Even if the ideas behind the Electoral College were “good” (and they weren’t) and even if it did give more attention to some places that may get ignored… we can’t ignore that it just doesn’t work. If it was a bridge, we wouldn’t cross it for fear of failure. If it was a building, we would burn it down for the insurance. If it was a co-worker, we would want it fired.

It creates weak and terrible presidents who accomplish nothing. No one who gets elected in the Electoral College is going up on Mt Rushmore. They shouldn’t name a post office, or a library or an elementary school after any one of these fucks. “The Donald Elementary School” should only exist in your imaginary hell.

Let’s blame the Electoral College for this bullshit, and get rid of it. It costs too much… we can’t afford to keep getting these crappy presidents.

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  1. I don’t know. Who wouldn’t want well educated people, whose alma mater is the “Electoral College” to cast votes for us? Seems to me like they must be very smart, and not likely to make any voting errors.

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