Masking the LJBTC

In one of the first “re-openings” in summer 2020 after the spring covid-19 shutdowns, the Sugar Mama and I snuck into the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (LJBTC) for a long weekend.

Sure the rooms were $350 a night, and we could only get a room up the stairs with a “street view,” and the restaurants were closed, and no barbecues on the beach, and there was no food or booze service on the beach. But it came with a “free mask.”

Just had to ask at the front gate. We only got one — they ran out. So no mask for the Sugar Mama.

A silky, black, mask with “LJBTC” written prominently across the cheek and the club logo (a seahorse). It was one of the first custom masks make for this pandemic. It was too narrow and too short for my fat face. Either my chin or nose popped out with any long syllable I spoke.

But it was washable, soft and the material was super comfortable. Just don’t pull it tight or talk, and it worked fine.

Flash forward 8 months. It was just one of dozens of cloth masks in my rotation. We pitch them in the wash and stack them with the hats at the door. I couldn’t find it.

Then I got this message from the boy:

“Why do you have an LGBTQ mask? I found it at my house.  I wore it inside-out because I probably shouldn’t have political statements at work.”

That’s LJBTC — La Jolla Beach…

“If I had known, I would have worn it right side out.  La Jolla would be fine for financial planning,” he said.

I went looking for an image of the mask online — nothing on the site or Facebook page. But by August, they had a new design. Made it big enough for even the fattest face.

Gone were the letters with a Seahorse. Replaced by actual words and a full logo with a flag.

The updated mask from the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (LJBTC community).

I’m guessing the Boy was not the only one afraid to make an accidental political statement. Such are the challenges when your business name is the LJBTC (community).

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  1. Your son must have been desperate. Wearing somebody else’s facemask seems about like wearing their underwear. I’ll stick with my pack of 50 paper masks, which I keep reusing so that the pack will last forever.

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    • Washable cloth. All the washable masks have made round trips from several family homes and washing machines. Just like my socks, hats and tee shirts. It is desperate, but trying to stop it is like holding back the ocean.

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    • Yeah that’s my running joke with La Jolla beach and tennis club. They have been using ljbtc since 1900, but it’s been a bit confusing in this century.


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