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Bullshit searches

It took 2 years of reading marketing bullshit for my slow brain to figure out how to see words people googled in order to find this bullshit.

The list was a little surprising:

Image of searches that found kieranbullshit.com. Most popular: "fuck St. Patrick" followed by "Fucking Canadians."
Nothing but dirty words and weird topics…

These are my people. Cussing and looking up the esoteric topics from St. Patrick to pickle ball. Sure the “Fucking Canadians” is still my most popular page and a consistent search topic. Of course it’s frozen people from the North looking for porn who are sorely disappointed in what they find on this website. But everybody is disappointed in what they find on this website. Why should the fucking Canadians be any different?

What’s a little surprising is the willingness of these people to share their inner dirty thoughts with Google. The Google, the Facebook and the Twitter have been cracking down on the dirty words. Posting warnings and asking people to “edit” their posts if they include “a nasty.”

Facebook and Twitter have long banned me from “promoting” this website, because it has “bullshit” in the title. But with Congressional scrutiny on social media fueling an insurrection, what are the social media companies doing? Going after the easy target — dirty words.

Intent is hard as hell for anyone to tell from a post. For all of its proponents, Artificial Intelligence is even worse than the cops at guessing “intent.” What are Fuckerberg and his ilk to do?

They should:

  • Ban insurrectionists and out them to the cops
  • Stop recommending potential terrorists to join the openly terrorist “groups” on their sites
  • Hire journalists, editors and monitors to review content, whose jobs in journalism have disappeared because Facebook stole all the advertising revenue and content from local magazines and papers
  • Turn off the encrypted communication in What’s App that allows terrorists and insurrectionists to communicate without fear of detection

But what are they doing?

Setting their computers to search for the strings of bad words and punish them as potentially threatening, or dangerous.

It’s lazy, it’s cheap, but it looks like they are trying to do something. Soon they will be banning the users of bad words like second grade teachers sending potty-mouthed children out into the hall.

Are these searchers concerned about such things. Fuck NO.

And that’s why they can find this site. The best hidden blog on the internet.

I already took the “Bullshit” out of the Facebook page name. I stripped the Bullshit off the ad I pay for on the Bloggess.com. Why? Because the corporate lords and masters were taking this bullshit off searches and out of reach for the any browser.

Am I going to change the URL or adjust the dirty words in titles and posts. Fuck NO. I’ve got a whole category on dirty words (and it’s one of the few areas where I actually believe my own bullshit). I’ve done all that I’m willing to do. Nobody is paying me to shout into the void.

But out of that void are bubbling up the true researchers. The hard cord seekers of knowledge wanting to know if “Money is bullshit,” find out “what the fuck is Pickleball”, or see if they can “Fuck St. Patrick.”

Welcome home, brave ones. This is the bullshit you deserve.

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  1. I like to think Jenny Lawson is pissed you had to leave out Bullshit, too… because she’s a lover of freedom to swear. And now that I’m thinking about you knowing the search terms that lead people to this lovely Bullshit Paradise, I’m also wondering if you can see WHO typed those searches to land here? Because that’s a little creepy. (Not only because I recently googled a friend’s friend I met recently but not sure I’ll ever hang out with again and found they, too, are on WordPress. I dont want to seem stalkish. Just curious! And now that I shared this I feel like you’re judging me. Oh welll…) Fuck censorship! Long live Bullshit!

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    • Thanks Erica. Feels like a kindred soul. But I had a hard fine figuring out search terms, I have figured out tracking and identifying who searched for whom. But I’m sure that Google and jeff bezos know.

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