Anti Theism

Don’t Vax; Don’t Tell

The CDC should go back to kindergarten for these next set of rules. Here’s one:

“If you are vaccinated and you know it clap your hands.
If you are vaccinated and you know it, then your face should surely show it.
If you are vaccinated and you know it, clap your hands.”

CDC in reality

That’s right, show your vax card, venture out in public, and take off that fucking mask. If you are not vaccinated, lock down, mask up and shut the fuck up.

What is this bullshit with “privacy” in this goddamn pandemic. Every government and business is pussy-footing around vaccination status. But if you mingle with people, your vaccination status is not your private business.

Before the vaccinated have to work next to someone or go into a classroom, a meeting or a restaurant and everybody is not wearing masks, we should be assured everyone in that space who can be vaccinated has been vaccinated.

That’s how it used to work for measles, polio, chicken pox and other diseases… Kids had to get those vaccines to go to school.

A small child, of obvious intelligence and with smart parents, getting vaccinated.
Remember when vaccines were the “norm”? Photo by CDC on

Until the incredibly stupid anti-vax movement got started on Facebook, we were all fairly assured enough people were vaccinated to keep the rest of us safe.

Most of those diseases are not nearly as deadly as Covid-19. Before this pandemic is over, more than 600,000 Americans will be dead. That’s approaching the numbers who died in the Civil War. I don’t think anyone has accurate numbers on how many people have died or will die in India.

Our dumb asses are willing to mandate the shot for Chicken Pox but give people a pass on Covid? What the fuck is wrong with us.

We should be mandating vaccines for everyone who is healthy enough to get one. Instead it’s the tyranny of the stupid. We are so afraid of “mean Tweets”, we won’t set the same rules we know worked for Polio.

It’s enough to make me wonder if we deserve to preserve this species. It’s the Darwin Awards on a national scale. The entire country has decided to let the morons make their own rules. It’s NASA’s motto in reverse. We have become too stupid to NOT fail.

People worry that the cards are too easy to fake? Fuck that. People can fake driver’s licenses and Social Security cards too, but we should at least try to separate the science believers from the unprotected sheep.

I’m not talking about people with health issues that prevent vaccination. They should get their own card with their valid reason.

Religion doesn’t count. Your “faith” in some “mysterious being” should not put my life in jeopardy. If you believe your God is more important than this pandemic, don’t take the vaccine. Stay at home and don’t let your fucked up breath infect the rest of us.

Your right to privacy ends at the tip of my nose. You don’t have the right to spread contagion into my lungs.

It’s the same way you have the right to carry a gun, but you can’t fire it straight up in the air from your front yard — because the bullet will come down and it might kill someone. If it does, you can’t claim in court “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”

If you refuse the vaccine, you are pointing a gun at the rest of us. It may be loaded, it might be empty. But you are shooting out microscopic bullets with every cough, sneeze and breath you take.

So go ahead and refuse the shot, but keep your “gun” at home or cover it with a mask. Or better yet, stay far out in the woods, or the desert or as far as your trailer will travel.

If you don’t want to get vaccinated, don’t tell us about your rights. Your ignorance and fear do not trump science, reason and fucking common sense.

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