The plague we deserve

For years comedians like George Carlin and Bill Burr have been calling for a plague. Something to wipe out the stupid and intolerable.

Still fucking funny.

After a year of a pandemic that killed mostly indiscriminately, we finally might have #BillBurrsPlague.

99 percent of covid deaths in May are among the unvaccinated (In the United States). Since late March-early April vaccines have been available to most adults in the US with little to no waiting. Even with two weeks between shots and a two-week-wait for full immunity, everyone could have been immunized by early May.

But they aren’t. Plenty of people are refusing or just not getting the shot.

Fear for the future

I’ve got a few in my own family. Mostly 25-35 something women who are afraid of infertility. It’s a bullshit rumor started by the anti-vax propagandists. How do I know? It is impossible to know if vaccines given in the past 6 months have caused infertility in a single person. Infertility is by definition a failure to get pregnant while trying for a full year. 6 months is less than a year, duh — that’s why it is IMPOSSIBLE.

The Sugar Mama and I went through infertility in the 80’s. It sucked. We were one of the lucky ones and able to have the Boy through a set of drugs and surgeries. I don’t know anyone personally who I wish was infertile. Ok, sure Hitler… but I’m just trying to say it is awful — no one wants it.

But you know what’s worse — Covid-19. It’s not just the sickness and the potential death, it’s the responsibility. I would rather do my part to be vaccinated and end this pandemic once and for all, than be a selfish asshole who can someday have kids (who if raised by the unvaccinated will probably grow up to be selfish assholes too).

Even if this bullshit rumor were true (and it is impossible that it is true) and the risk of infertility was high, you should still take the vaccine. Plenty of people are happy without children. Plenty of children need to be adopted. If that’s too much, get a couple of dogs. Plenty of pups need parents too.

Nobody wanted Carol Baskins for 3 weeks before we picked her out of a photo array.

Don’t worry about your legacy, family name or “genes.” There is plenty of your DNA already mixing around the planet. We really don’t need more copies of you. There are plenty of people to go around.

I know we are all acting like this Covid thing is over. Packing stadiums and bars and going back to the office. But variants are sure to come. The Delta variant is already here and starting to take it’s toll. Look no further than India or the UK to see the destruction that can come our way.

This time, it should only kill the ones too stupid or lazy to get vaccinated.

If it comes (and let’s hope that’s a big if) it should hit the south, the midwest and all the places where vaccination rates are low. Maybe those people live far enough apart and with no more Trump rallies to attend will not be breathing on each other. But it only takes a wedding, a funeral or a family roadkill barbecue to super spread death to the dumb.

Sure there will be “break throughs” and an unlucky few who did everything right will die too. Those few could have been hit by lightening or stung by too many bees. Life is a crap shoot for everyone. In a perfect world, we would all care about every one, but we now know only about 40 percent of us (the vaccinated) do.

If we can’t convince the unvaccinated to save themselves, how are we going to get them to get two shots or give two shits about others?

Maybe, the comedians are right. We need a plague to wipe these people out. It’s Darwinism with a needle. A long and ugly way to rid ourselves of the stupid, the lazy and the gullible. I don’t think any of us really want to see it, but maybe Covid-19 Delta will be the plague we finally deserve.

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  1. Obviously, those we know are morons or Trumpites are those who will not get vaccinated. A FOX propaganist/entertainer noted that one person in Nebraska got a vaccine at 1:38 P.M. 12 hours later, he was dead. That was true. What was not mentioned was that he was hit in his car by a huge semi-truck, T Boned as it were. Still, he is dead. We have to admit that. I am being fair and balanced here.


  2. Sometimes Fox gives you the truth, but never the whole truth… Most of the time, none of it could be defined as the truth – hence the entertainment defense. I used to think libel and slander suits were a waste of time. Now I’m thinking they are our only tool to getting anything close to fair or balanced.


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