Political Correctness

Sentencing Bannon

Six months after it should have happened, Steve Bannon was finally found guilty for Contempt of Congress.

After another three-month delay, the judge will consider his sentence on Oct. 21. After a year of delays and digital fundraising for Bannon on this “persecution”, some people are predicting he will only get 30 days. Bannon should get the max — 2 years and $200k fine. He should also have to forfeit any profits he has made in propagandizing the case and fleecing his political flock.

Even the max may not discourage other fascists from subverting the next elections.

Bannon is already a felon (remember when he took a pardon for his million-dollar-fundraising scam to build the wall and didn’t build a thing?). “Please pardon me” is an admission of guilt. Ain’t that right Jim Jordan, et al…

He also didn’t do a thing to comply with the subpoena. No paperwork, no motions… he didn’t even put on a defense at trial — because he doesn’t have one.

Let’s all remember Susan McDougal. She spent 22 months in prison – most of it for refusing to answer three questions posed by special prosecutor Ken Starr, who way overstepped his authority to investigate funky finances in Arkansas and focused on blowjobs in the Oval Office instead. (Starr’s real character has been revealed as he went on to defend the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and get fired at Baylor after the University failed to follow up on football stars being accused of rape. Maybe if Clinton had a better time in the 40, Starr would have ignored his case of consensual sex?).

McDougal said she would answer questions from a different prosecutor (fearing Starr was hell bent on just getting convictions for political gains). She feared being accused of perjury because her testimony would contradict other witnesses. She thought refusing to answer would have fewer consequences. Maybe it did — maybe it didn’t.

But at least McDougal showed up.

Bannon didn’t even bother to acknowledge he received a letter.

He could have refused to answer. He could have claimed executive privilege. He could have been a mini-Mike Flynn and just said “fifth” a few hundred times.

Instead he grandstanded on any public media he could — including the courthouse steps — and talked about tearing down every part of government.

Let’s not forget who Bannon is. He is a self-described white nationalist. His views on government are fascist (at best). He doesn’t believe in democracy. He did his best to overturn a legal election with an illegal inssurection. He is a traitor.

Steve Bannon, white nationalist, convicted felon, traitor.

McDougal got 18 months for refusing questions about a loan. A small scandal on the face of it. Clinton was trying to get $300k in loans — how does that stack up to sedition?

Let’s also remember Reality Winner. She served 5 years in prison for leaking an NSA report about Russia trying to hack into Florida voting machines. She thought people should know the Russians tried to change the 2016 election.

She was trying to protect democracy — not threaten it. Why should the executive branch get so much more penalties and punishment than Congress. Leak a document — get 10 years. Defy Congress – max of 1. That’s bullshit.

The executive branch hides behind “confidential” and secret documents — even from Congress. If Russia is trying to hack election machines, that’s something we should all know — when, where, how, and most importantly WHY. For 2016 we know why — Trump has always been Putin’s puppet.

The punishments for such a leak, should take into consideration whether that information should have been public in the first place, but they don’t.

If we are ever going to bring back balance to the three branches of government, Congress needs to reassert its rights. Bannon should have been arrested in 2021 by the House Sergeant at Arms. There should have been no delays, no waiting for the Justice Department to prosecute, no trials.

The same goes for Peter Navarro, Mark Meadows, Ginny Thomas and anyone else who refuses any part of a Congressional subpoena.

The courts can do it for contempt of court. You stay in jail until you comply.

Congress should be able to do the same just to get people to testify and tell the truth. Otherwise, the traitors/criminals can delay and obfuscate and take their chances they can rig the next election to make this all go away.

Bannon should still be serving time before any of that can happen in 2024.

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