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On Work

Stealing this from Stephen Metcalfe and putting on my home page. I’m not quite this bad, but I definitely know the feeling.

Stephen Metcalfe


In my late sixties, I’ve recently concluded that I’ve never worked a day in my entire life. I’ve certainly had employment. In my so-called “youth”, I bartended, bused tables and taught tennis and squash but though it paid the rent, did it count as work? No, not really. Busing and bartending seemed like a party – and often was follow by one – and as for tennis and squash, that was playing games with beginners for money, and I happened to be good at acting the part. I’ve been fortunate enough to follow all that with a forty year career slinging words at walls if see if anything sticks. Due to luck, fate, and a modicum of talent I’ve had some success doing it but still, I’m not sure it really counts as work. By work, you see, I’m not talking about something you love to do, I’m talking…

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