Political Correctness

The Youngsters (something not so serious)

Even when they are very, very bad, dogs are better than people.

Stephen Metcalfe


A mistake was made.  Yes.  The lovely wife had errands to run before supper and left the youngsters at home alone.   Normally the “youngsters” are to be trusted.  They play, they sleep, they investigate.   This day was different.  They were in the kitchen.

Dude, what is that up there on the counter?

I do not know. I cannot see that far. But… but it… it smells… good!

I dunno, Dude. Lots of things smell good. Some of’m don’t come out so nice. Remember the salsa.

I do not know what this is, but it is not salsa. Oh! Oh, dear. My stomach is rumbling.

Dude, your stomach always rumbles. You’re a Lab.

I am drooling.

Dude, you are always drooling.

I am hungry.

Dude… you are always hungry.

I think… I think we should have a taste.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

A small one.

Dude, they’ll…

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