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The Cover

For anybody who has ever worked on a “creative” project, we can all relate to judging this book by its cover…  Below is my attempt at using AI to create a new book Cover for Attachment Patterns.  

For some damn reason, Bing AI images would not put the words in the image (stupid AI), so I just pasted them in (badly) in a corner…

Better to read the tale behind the real “cover” from Stephen Metcalfe himself…

Stephen Metcalfe

A review on Amazon of my new novel, Attachment Patterns, starts like this – “This book is all that it says it is, well-written, emotionally charged, and a really good read” – and ends like this – “However, the cover is an absolute insult. My suggestion to the author would be to do your book a favor and give it a cover that it deserves”.

The cover.  Ah, yes, the cover.  Not quite what I’d hoped for or envisioned.  I’m not any kind of artist but my protagonist in AP is.  From early on I wanted to make him just that, an artist, and as I worked on the novel I did a lot of research into the world of “art”.  (And you think the worlds of theatre, film and fiction are challenging.)  Part of that research was studying paintings and finding artwork that resonated in the character and in…

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