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Wix sucks really hard – Updated

I started this bullshit blog to send a link to these rants and not have to deal with ten’s of email replies from my fucked-up tennis team.  Brillant.

On the Google, Wix came up “free.” I had a site “built” in a few minutes. I finished my first rant within an hour. Felt good.

But then the Wix hit the fan. It took me four fucking months to figure out how to add a “comments box”. It was a blog site without comments. WTF Wix?

Wix sucks

Then I spent months on “Wix support” for comments, categories and pages. All the support files pointed to menus and links that didn’t exist. Then last night, I finally found the fucking “editor” they were talking about. But every page is called an “editor.” It took me 4 months to find the right fucking “editor?”

I’m not taking the blame for this bullshit. I’m guessing they did some big update, and that shit didn’t really exist until last night. Fuckers.

Did I mention it is free?

Last week, suddenly the site wouldn’t load for the 3 people who actually read this shit. Jeff, Scott and Craig came up to me in the bar at the 3rd world racquet club. “Hey, your blog’s not working.”

I clicked the link, and it worked for me. So how the fuck am I supposed to fix it for them?

I told the Wix bastards their page doesn’t always load. Here’s their answer:

“Without the device or computer the person was using it is hard to determine what could of been the error. Below are Helpful links:

  • clear cookies

  • clear cache

  • flush DNS”

So I have to send you Jeff’s phone? or Scott’s computer? or whatever the fuck shovel Gibson has wired up to get the Internet?

And it’s could have, not could of, you illiterate… fucking… morons.

PS – your goddamn links are not helpful.

Now I’m spending more time fixing this Wix shit than it would have taken to email these rants out to my 5 readers. Fuck.

Other people have told me how wonderful other blog sites are. But now I have Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter point to this piece of shit. If I move the shit, I have to fix the other shit.

I’m about 50 rants into this Bullshit, so I’d have to copy and paste all the that bullshit into the new bullshit.

It’s like the fucking VW Golf diesel all over again. Another ice-cream sundae covered in lukewarm, black bird shit – and I have to decide whether to scrape and eat, or throw the whole fucking thing away.

(If you are too lazy to read, you can watch Lewis Black read that VW rant.

Find out the “Rest of the Story” on the lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel — watch Lewis Black read the Miata Rant.)

At least with Wix, I get the delicious irony of ranting about how fucked up Wix is, on a Wix site with a tagline that says Created by Wix...

Did I mention it was free?

Update December, 2017: Surprise, surprise the comments worked… for about a week. Turns out the free comments “app” had a limit of 10 comments before I had to pay for it. You are not paying to read this shit, so I’m not paying to read your fucked up opinions about my fucked up opinions…

Update April, 2018: Hey, there is a Facebook comments app that works with Wix. Added to the site in March. So far 3 people have left a comment. Maybe it’s my shit head friends and not the tech after all? Fuck that — easier to blame the software.

Update Nov. 8, 2018:  I got complaints that the fucking Wix site would not load or would just sit and “flash” so no one could read anything.  So I finally pulled the trigger and quit Wix.  Welcome to WordPress — let’s see how bad I can fuck this shit up too.

Bottom line: Wix still sucks…

*Image for “Wix sucks” lifted from this site:

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