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Taking a Knee

When the fuck did our government get the right to force us to salute a piece of cloth and sing an English drinking song? Apparently it happened this month when the NFL said players must stand at attention before games.

Other than the military and professional athletes (including college — they get paid in tuition, cash and hookers and blow) I can’t think of job that forces people to stand for the anthem. Makes sense for the military — you signed an oath to fight for the country. That should be a little more important than signing a contract to punt for the Browns.

True patriotism is a choice. Otherwise, it’s just kiss-assery — like laughing at the bosses’ jokes. Is that the kind of respect we are trying to show? How about we have honest reflection and opinion over bullshit and submission.

And the NFL has the weakest legs to stand on when it comes to crying “we are a private business” implying the first amendment does not apply.

Until the NFL teams pay for their own fucking stadiums, and pay their fair share of taxes, they are just an arm of the government. Our taxes pay billions to fund their cartel. We pay billions more in other tax breaks. So free speech fully applies. We pay your salaries mother fucker, so you can’t overrun the right to free speech.

And why are they setting this rule?

From what I can tell, it’s just to please a bunch of fucking fake patriot chicken hawks who didn’t serve a day and don’t understand history or the meaning of the constitution.

Fucking Donald J. Trump is the fat fuck, bottom-of-the-pyramid cheerleader for these assholes. Personally, I only know two other people who “boycotted” the NFL because players took a knee.

I went to high school with both of them. Haven’t talked to them since. They posted shit on Facebook about refusing to watch a game. Neither one served in the military. If they don’t post about this flag shit, it’s just Fox News “outrage of the week” — you know typical middle-age-white-guy losing their shit because someone offended their imaginary god or called out a racist for being a racist… Pussies.

If you ask them, they will say they are not racist. But there’s no other logical explanation for being pissed at people taking a knee.

How is taking a knee disrespectful? Isn’t that what the religious do when they have a secret to whisper to Jesus?

white-vet-takes a knee

I doubt the chicken hawks would have such a big problem if this guy had started the “take a knee” protest…


So the rules are: stand for the flag, kneel for the priest. With all the religious-sponsored pedophilia, might be better to switch that…

I’m not even sure why we are playing the national anthem before games. Check that, I know why. It’s so the NFL can wrap itself in “patriotism” and get paid by the US Army to stage fly overs and reunions. Notice the concession stands stay open. They don’t give a fuck about this country or those who serve.

If they are so fucking tied to America, why are they trying to expand to London and Mexico City? Are they going to force American players to salute the Union Jack and stand at attention for whatever the fuck song Mexico plays?

And exactly when did it become unpatriotic to want to make America better? This whole protest is about living up to liberty and justice for all. You can’t get any more fucking patriotic than that.

So let’s not let our government shut down a protest that’s trying to hold the government to our ideals.

First it’s “respect the flag”, next it’s “respect the leaders”, and then it’s prison, torture and death for “disrespecting” anything the leaders want to do.

So let’s stop this bullshit, forced, fake, patriotism before it gets the chance to grow into something even more sinister and dangerous.


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