Lying Nazi VW

My Lying Nazi VW has more Friends than I Do

Turns out my Lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel is not the only fucking bullshit diesel. They all are. Just in different ways.

dirty diesel

Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Dodge… every maker of a diesel car or truck was breaking all the emissions standards. If you add up all the makes and models, my bullshit car has more than twice as many “close friends” as I do.


Now they are claiming that the 2017 and 2018 models are “much cleaner” and “almost” meeting even the new higher EU standards for nitrous oxide…

I’ve heard that shit before. Before I bought my 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI (Turbo Diesel — I have no fucking idea what the “I” stands for — maybe “Idiot”, as in only an “Idiot” would buy this shit?) they were calling it “clean diesel.”

They said it had even lower admissions per mile than the average gas car. The theory being diesel gets better mileage, so even if it puts out more pollution per ounce of fuel, it will put out less crap per mile. I have the same theory about Mexican food… but that’s another story.

The only way VW got caught was a bunch of nerds from “hillbilly U” (West Virginia) didn’t believe the official numbers and kept testing. Eventually their tests proved “clean diesel” (like clean coal) is bullshit. And VW was using cheater software to fool the emissions test.

Did they get big rewards for their efforts? Fuck No. “Hillbilly U” can barely get a $2 million grant to keep the program running.

Make a big scientific discovery that makes the world a better, cleaner place and holds one of the biggest corporations in the world accountable, you should get rich, right? Fuck no.

At least get rewarded with more work, right? Fuck no.

Who is going to pay for this kind of research. The auto makers won’t. Car buyers won’t. Fucking government won’t do this shit anymore… So our corporate overlords can do whatever they want.

Ohh, the “market” will take care of it. Car makers that cheat will be punished, because no one will trust them and buy their cars, right? Fuck NO. VW has had record sales since the diesel scandal hit. The rest of the bullshit diesel makers didn’t even have to pay a fine.

So fucking VW and all their little corporate friends can keep right on cheating with little risk of any reprisal… At least as a corporation.

The only bright spot in this shit storm of greed, arrogance and corruption is the German prosecutors. After growing up on the “World at War” documentaries, who knew “German prosecutors” could ever be heroes?

But they have been like lovable little German Shepherd puppies arresting and charging all the VW execs they can find.

They have been arresting them in Germany, in Florida, in Japan. They have been arresting former execs who retired, who moved on to other companies and going after the ones who stayed and admitted “corporate” guilt (“I was only following orders”).

Maybe if we imprison a few leaders, the rest will get the message and think twice before they lie and cheat their way to a “good quarter” of sales.

Maybe we will actually ostracize and shun this kind of bullshit from all of our leaders… corporate, military and political? (Probably not –thanks fucking Donald J. Trump)

Maybe if we actually hold those VW leaders accountable, I will end up with more friends than my Lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel.

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