Political Correctness


The fucking Democrats can’t punch their way out of a plastic grocery bag.

I don’t care how much people personally hated Hilary. No matter how bad the candidate, the party has to take responsibility. The Democrats lost to pussy-grabbing, putin-puppet Donald J. Trump, for fuck’s sake.

And the 2018 midterms are not looking any better.

In this new gilded-age of income inequality, stagnant wages, and the never-ending wars in the Middle East, the Democrats couldn’t keep the Presidency, or the House, or the Senate. Or most governorships, or most state houses, or elect a fucking dog-catcher in Indiana.

Yeah, yeah, it’s tough to keep winning the White House and usually after 8 years it shifts to the other party. And yeah, yeah the electoral college right now is “rigged” toward Republicans. And yeah, yeah voter suppression laws are weeding out the weak voters.

But suck-it-up buttercup. Politics is full fucking contact. The Democrats gerry-mandered the House for 50-years from FDR to LBJ. They had a “lock” on the southern whites who would never support the party of Lincoln, (racism wins again) and they got in bed with the mafia and unions to control the cities.

But during that time, the Republicans got their share of the Presidency, fought over the Senate and kept on winning at the local level.

Bill blended with Hilary Clinton

The 21st-century Democrats are just pussies. They are dealing with a “Clintocracy.” All the leaders came along in the age of Bill Clinton when co-opting the Republican platform was the “only” way to win. So they throw out some New Deal and Great Society rhetoric, but vote for the status quo that supports big corporations and Wall Street.

That shit satisfies almost no one, accomplishes little, and that’s why people only tolerate the Democrats. Hate to break this to you party leaders, but no one likes you or really trusts you — and that’s why you suck.

They had a chance to build a winning coalition and make some real change with Obama, but they fucking blew it. When the electorate is getting younger and browner, the Democratic leaders are getting older and whiter (Bernie).

What the Democrats need is a clear political language that’s simple and honest.

They need to learn how to fight back on bullshit terms like “class warfare,” “freedom”, and “death-tax”. All that shit is Orwellian double-speak (brought to you by that fat fuck Frank Luntz):

  • The real “class warfare” is the super-duper rich taking more and more of the total wealth
  • By “freedom”, Republicans mean the super rich, the religious and the corporations are free to do whatever they want to fuck you over
  • And the “death tax” is a really an “inheritance tax” on the free-loading inheritors who did nothing to earn that money — it’s just perpetuates the new American aristocracy

These fucking yachting, jet-setting, clubbing, douchebag-aristocrats that live off their parents’ investments are the new “Fat Cats” and Marie Antoinettes of the 21-first Century.

And these old fucking Democrats are drowning in this sea of double-speak. They even pick up and repeat the Republican terms. Here’s one small but un-fucking-believable example:

When “W” Bush started breaking the syntax of English by always calling the “Democratic” party, the “Democrat” party, I thought he was just a fucking idiot. But now the Republicans spew out “Democrat Party” or “Democrat agenda” the way they used to say “Pinko Commie”. (I’ve heard Democrats drop the “ic” too…. fucking dumbasses).

Democrats have to start talking about “equal opportunity” and creating a true meritocracy — where anybody can get ahead on their own ability. That’s a hell of a lot harder than it sounds, but that should always be the goal.

We should shun and shame those who rig the system to create greater opportunity for only themselves and their descendants. I’m looking at you Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the entire Walmart clan. Monopoly through manipulation is a huge drain on society… you may have started out as business super heroes. But you have turned into leeches and cheaters.

Republicans have found ways to set up business incentives for charter schools, private prisons and defense contracting. The Democrats have to do the same for college education, job training, welfare to work programs and all the other fucked-up things we need to fix. Most people will vote in their self-interest — make sure their incomes and interests match what you want to do.

The first step is breaking the Clintocracy is getting some new faces in front of the Democratic party. Chuck and Nancy — Joe Biden, you gotta go. Even you Bernie, you fake Democrat you, please exit the national scene (stage left, if you will).

Then we need to fix the language and speak in clear fucking English for a change.

Otherwise, you idiots will deliver the White House to the pussy-grabbing-Putin-puppet all the way to 2024…

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