Political Correctness

Women Take the Wheel

Here’s to another sex offender on the Supreme Court (move over Clarence, here comes Brett, an even bigger and badder pervert). But even if we voted both of them off the court, it doesn’t fix the bigger issue.

If we are serious about reducing sexual harassment and assault, we need a massive social shift in the roles of women and men.

The first step is for men to fucking listen to the stories of the collective damage we have done. Try not to reflect on your own personal awkward nights to punch holes in a woman’s story. Just fucking listen and imagine being on the receiving end.

We also need to change our perceptions of female roles. This slut shaming and “good girl” crap has got to go. Women need to be truly free in every social setting to be who they want to be. (In a previous rant, I called it, “Celebrating Sluttery“, which will never fly but some clever PR person can fix that term).

But listening and reducing shame are the small steps. If we really want to fix it, we must retrain girls and boys.

In my day (decades ago), boys learned “on the street” that girls would always say no. And like a good salesmen we couldn’t take “no” for an answer. We had to use every tool of persuasion: music, booze, weed, laughter, money, guilt, tears and lies to get them in the mood.

We would “always be closing.” The good looking dudes with money and a decent personality occasionally did. The rest of us would end up just drinking and fighting each other — but that’s another story.

That shit is really fucked up when you think about how easily it can lead to men physically imposing ourselves, and outright coercion and rape.

How about instead of an army of male salesmen, we unleashed a wave of women buyers. They look and they feel, and they can try it out with no obligation to buy. They can even take him home, give him a test and bring him back with a full refund if he doesn’t fit right or he turns out to be a complete asshole.

It would be socially unacceptable for men to start the conversation, make the first move or bitch about a woman “being a tease” if she quit halfway through. We would ostracize those dickheads as unmanly pussies like they didn’t drink the entire beer at a bar (Julian) or finish their whole fucking cookie (Joe).

Imagine a world where women lead on the dance floor (does one dancer even lead anymore?) start conversations in bars and grocery stores, and pay for the first drinks and dates.

That’s right ladies you can’t have authority without responsibility…

Men would have to compete by being clean, fit and even “nice.” Maybe learn how to cook or act like you are actually listening to her entire story?

Women bouncers in pussy hats

Aggressive males would be the new “sluts,” tossed out of bars by gangs of women bouncers in pussy hats and shamed in every corner of social media.

And fellas, maybe if we created a safer environment for women, they would want to socialize with men a lot more often. So instead of getting shot down 3 times a night, you might get a couple of offers a week.

Anyway, we have taken a violent and aggressive turn with this society that is bound to crash us into the wall. We might as well let women take the wheel and see if that works better.

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