Bad Tech

New Wix-free Bullshit

I finally freed myself of the wicked Wix and moved my bullshit to WordPress.

Gone is the great feeling that my most popular post on Wix was “Wix Sucks Really Hard,”  but the schadenfreude is still strong with WordPress.

I couldn’t count all the ways in which Wix sucked.  It started with loading a page like a sloth with the flu.   Everybody who came to the site, found me in the Third-world bar and bitched about my Bullshit. (I know what you are thinking, and fuck you, it was Wix — not my writing).

The last straw was Karen’s message (on fucking Facebook) that she couldn’t see my site.   That was the 3rd complaint I had that week.  If my 5 readers can’t even see this shit, I’m done.

Astute readers will also see that I went Ad free.  Sorry Larry, but for fuck’s sake, it was too much to ask the universe grant you a “free” beer cooling system through Ad clicks on my Bullshit.

You got your fermentor in the most selfish “Go Fund me” campagin in history, and your spouse hasn’t killed you over it (yet).

Be a little grateful for a change…  (that’s funny because Larry has been so guilt-ridden over a few bucks for his fermentor he’s giving away free six packs like hand-jobs at a truck stop.  Wait, it’s even better than hand jobs.  He usually throws in a free bag of chips — just try to get a handie and a bag of chips at any Flying J.  You will be the first to get the chips).

Alas, I lost about 75-percent of my email followers.  That was the only thing Wix did well.  You entered your email, and Wix sent a notice when I took a Bullshit.

WordPress has some account crap where you have to create a username and password, and they pressure you to create your own blog.

My email subscribers were all excited when I started adding stolen pictures.  “Finally something I can understand, ” Gibson said.  And he won’t shut up about the 5-year old Dutch kid giving everybody the finger.

kidding flipping the bird

Gibson, a Purdue graduate, is my most intellectual reader.  This is his favorite photo.

So, I know my “readers” can barely read — they are not about to write.  Most of them never bothered to join WordPress and haven’t been back.

I officially made the move in November.  I waited to rant, because I just knew the universe would not make this easy and something would have to screw me.

But this Bullshit blog is not about what goes right, it’s about what you fuckers have done to screw me over this time… But it actually almost went as planned.  There was a little fuckery from Go Daddy in moving the “” domain, but WordPress support fixed that too.

And on that note and during this festive season, please join me with a very merry goodbye to Wix and repeat after me:

“Fuck You Wix — You Suck Really, Really Hard!”

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  1. You’re fkn hilarious! Lol!! I have to tell you, I googled ” how to get around Wix’s bullshit and save my domain (waited to register my domain until i picked a host. now im stuck for 60 days) ..and this page came up. Thank you, I feel like less of a fkn retard after reading about your 4month comment box rally. I felt like such a dumbass 4 hours later having changed one photo and adding my company name. WordPress has been in the back of my mind this whole process but told its geared for bloggers, so I went with Zyro, super easy to edit but have a feeling ill be stepping in shit soon. Do you think they are just as bad?

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    • Thanks. I don’t understand the 60-day wait. It usually takes a day to fully move a domain to a new host. I don’t know Zyro at all. Can’t be worse than Wix. Although I miss the analytics of Wix with location details. Good luck.


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