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2nd Amendment

I hate the idea of gun control.  It’s the god damn assholes pulling the trigger we have to control.

I assume everybody agrees that crazy people should not have military grade weapons… bombers, fighter jets, drones, tanks, artillery, machine guns or a high capacity, high-speed rifle that can kill 9 people in 30 seconds. (Dayton)

Republicans say it’s “mental health issues” and “violent video games” — so doesn’t that mean we need to keep these weapons out of the hands of crazy people and gamers? Sure the second part is idiotic, but most politicians are idiots.

We can spend all the money on earth on mental health.  But we are not going to “cure it.” We would be lucky if we could just identify the dangerous ones and keep them from loading up a garage full of weapons. No one wants to see the guy in his pajamas jacking off on the bus on Monday,  come back covered in a bandolier of bullets and cleaning his rifle on Tuesday.

And Democrats want to limit guns… apparently just to limit guns.  That’s pretty fucking stupid too, but at least it includes “we don’t want crazy people to have guns.”

Only the real nutjobs and gun manufactures will even argue the idea that the mentally ill should be fully locked and loaded.

Don’t give me that “2nd amendment right” shit.  Read the whole fucking amendment…

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

A well-regulated militia…   A militia is controlled by the state — we call it the national guard.  Hell, George Washington shot people in the militia who were “un-regulated.”

Surely we can check people to see if they would “qualify” for a well-regulated militia before we issue them the means to kill many, many people at will.


If you are prepared to kill an entire platoon of “the enemy” while buying cookies at Target, you are too fucking crazy to own a gun.

We take freedom and the power to make your own decisions away from the severally mentally ill all the time.  We could use the same mechanisms to keep crazy people from getting these high-powered weapons (legally).

I’m talking about the big weapons, the high capacity shit they saw in Dayton or Las Vegas that lets one person kill an entire crowd in just a few minutes (or a few seconds) before the cops can get there.

Sure most gun murders are done by handguns, and yes people get killed with knives.  But we are reducing those crimes over time.  They would go down even more if we reformed our fucked up drug laws… but that’s another story.

What’s going up are these mass shootings when one fucked up asshole shoots up a school or a store or a movie theater or a church.  That shit is getting worse, and we are doing nothing about it.

Getting more background checks, checking people for mental fitness and making it tougher to get these guns is not going to solve every potential mass shooting. But it’s something, and it’s pretty fucking likely to stop some.

Like Congress, fucking thoughts and prayers do nothing.

So let’s start where our founders did.  “Well regulated” means “crazy people should not have powerful guns.”

That’s where Madison began the Second Amendment 228 years ago. He had to write out every word and every copy by hand with ink and a fucking feather.  He’s not just throwing in words for fun.  There’s a reason, the second amendment says “well-regulated,” so let’s go back to putting some regulations around who gets to carry around the means to kill us all.

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    • Thanks. We are so trained to key in on the words “gun control”, we have forgotten what the words actually mean. It would be like saying getting a driver’s license is “car control.”


  1. It’s absurd that we can’t do one fucking thing about it. Not even a tiny rule that would stop the stream of nutters from stockpiling guns and ammunition. Nothing. But pray. And half of the country doesn’t do that.
    I’m sick of cleaning up brains. Let’s get our shit together.

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  2. I suspect you and I are not in agreement on this one. Background checks on nuts might stop a few of these shootings, but not many. I can’t think of a more effective way to stop mass shootings than to outlaw the assault rifles that make it possible to kill dozens of people in a matter of seconds.

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  3. My friend is a 2nd Amendment guy and likes to point out that the Swiss have a ton of weapons and low crime and few mass shootings. I chatted with a Swiss guy online and he pointed out a huge difference is that the Swiss don’t have a violent culture. They aren’t obsessed by guns — sure, some of them are but people call them Waffennarr (gun-fools). A lot of people are in the militia and have a rifle at home or kept at the armory. Not a lot of pistol owners. Most Swiss see guns as tools and don’t get a hardon about all the different guns out there to collect.

    I’m all about having stricter background checks and having certain guns restricted to members of a well-regulated militia. People want a weapon for home defense. How about shotguns? You don’t need an AR-15 blowing through your walls and the neighbors’ walls and killing them. And needing them to defend against the government – please, some dude and his militia buddies will be wiped out by the armed forces in no time.

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