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I finally conceded.  Nobody reads anymore, so I created a video page. https://kieranbullshit.com/videos-lewis-black/

Regular bullshitters will recognize all the videos.  It’s just all the Lewis Black reads of my rants on one page.

Yes, of course, you could find them all on youtube, or just search for them on this bullshit site.  But here they are, all in a row with no words in between.

I did create a little list of how you too can send in shit for the Rant is Due.

The Bear claims this will be the most popular page — EVER.  It’s been up a week, and I’m the only one who found the link. On a computer screen, it’s top right.  On the phone it’s the first one below the more recent rants.  I have no fucking idea where it is on an ipad.  It’s on the screen somewhere.


Video list Lewis Black

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  1. This is actually a valuable link for everyone, but really keep on writing. I know, I’ve gotten tired of writing lately, but it’ll pass. Always does.


    • Thanks. I haven’t gotten tired of writing so far… but it seems people have wearied on the reading part. Hence the video so they can stare and drool without having to think for themselves… Actually just hoping to give people an easier way to find the “video collection.”


  2. You have accused me on more than one occasion of not being able to read. How appropriate is it that you have videos up and include pictures on all the blogs? Yes the Dutch kid with his middle finger up and a scowl on his face is still tops, but the cardboard sign with the plea” Need jumper cables” is a close second only to those of us in on the joke.

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