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Spouse Shaming by Kate

God damn Bessy’s just can’t help themselves.

I bumped into the shaming couple in the third world club the other night.  They asked one simple question.

“Is your wife coming to Tucson this weekend?”


“Too bad,” Kate said.  “We like her a lot more than you.”


Not a picture of Kate… Stole the image from here.

Anyone who knows the wife and me, will not be surprised at how often I get that exact same sentiment.  After 30-plus years, it has flipped from shame to pride.  Hell yeah!  I’m holding onto the nice wife like grim death — despite the twice a month threats she makes against my life.

I really didn’t notice the “shame.”

The best part was when Kate leaned her head back and realized what she had just done.

“Ohh shit,  I probably said something that’s going to end up on the internet…”

And here it is… You are welcome, Kate.

After making fun of my fat body, my face and my lack of pigment, she “shamed me” with my life partner.  She can’t help it. The hard truth just oozes out of her like puss out of a zit.

Respect. We all need such friends.

I couldn’t be happier

Two years of typing away at this stupid fucking blog, and finally my Bullshit has created just an ounce of deference from these pendejos who surround me. It’s good that they fling their insults and their shade in my direction.  We all need somebody to keep our egos in check.

But now maybe my Bullshit is finally working. Maybe people will say what’s on their minds but then realize the “power of the pen” will rain hell from above.

Of course it didn’t come with an apology.  Kate apologized for the fat shaming (she didn’t need to — it’s all bullshit to me).  But people shouldn’t have to apologize for the truth — even if it hurts.

I’m just ecstatic about the two seconds of recognition that this Bullshit exists, and I don’t have to wait for my eulogy to know it has an effect on people.

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  1. Life is like a box of bullshit… or something like that.
    I think bullshit is half the reason half the blogs exist. Funny episodes or musings that seem really funny at the time and we feel the need to put pen to paper (well electronically at least).
    With luck, the articles are still funny months or even years later and reach a half decent number of people. It’s just kind of disappointing when you feel you have written something pretty amazing and then barely 20 people end up reading it. Maybe if not successful now we will be once we have kicked the proverbial bucket!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure how to feel about that — depressed or relieved? Even if my bullshit is not read, it is cathartic for me to spread it out to the world. Cover the place in shit, and let’s see what grows.


      • I was referring more to my posts getting limited visitor numbers, which some do, rather than yours, so no need to worry 🙂
        It’s always good to spread funny or oddball things around, makes people realise they aren’t the only ones with thoughts and experiences like that.
        Happy Christmas and looking forward to many more posts in 2020.

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      • Thanks. Good to connect. Love the Irish jokes. In Irish, Kieran means “little dark complected one”. Fits me perfectly. I’m 250 pounds of ghostly flesh.


      • I didn’t know Kieran meant that. Interesting to know. I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight, when I hear footsteps downstairs after midnight. Instead of picturing Santa with his sack, I might end up with a ghostly vision instead lol. Have a brilliant Christmas, and good to connect.

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