Bad Tech

WordPress – cheese movers

Just when I was getting used to the new shittyness of the WordPress block editor – they fucked up the scheduler.

Or maybe I fucked up the scheduler. Either way — it sucked.

I scheduled two posts to go out a week apart — as soon as I hit schedule, they published.

WordPress was flipping my bullshit out into the world without my consent. Tried to take it back. Revert to draft. Broken links. Fuck.

Now I have some half-baked Shitty First Draft (SFD) links sitting on my Twitter timeline and in my Facebook feed.

Two people complained. “Link broken.”

Do I screw over my only two readers? Or do I just publish the shit that I didn’t want to publish yet?

Screw it — SFD it is. Publish.

Off schedule and out of my comfort zone, I had a few anxious moments that the “quality” of my Bullshit had suffered. No one noticed. Fuck.

Now I’m pissed that it didn’t make a difference. Guess that means I don’t even need to read this shit after I type it the first time. Damn the typos, full publish ahead.

God damn WordPress isn’t even close to being as bad as the fucking wicked Wix, but it has entered the race.

A few years ago, I switched to WordPress and was happy. It worked like a Word doc — perfect for bloggers.

The God-damn Block Editor

But then “WordPress” decided it was more than a blog site. Wants to be a “web site” tool. Enter the “block editor.” It’s not words — it’s blocks designed for wanna be web developers to add “data” — not words. Fuck.

If you have to create tutorials to type, your “editor” sucks. Don’t bullshit us naming it “Gutenberg” — you are not changing the world.

I’m just trying to tell stories that might slightly amuse someone else. I’m not trying to “market” electronic widgets with forms and polls to gather and sell my readers’ personal information to the highest bidder.

I can’t even copy and paste to and from Word into these fucking “Blocks”. It takes 3 extra steps to add an image — 4 to add a video. I’m not getting paid to do this shit, don’t waste my time with extra steps.

Now the “scheduler” doesn’t have a submit button. You hit the date and the window closes and it picks that date. I have to open it 2 or 3 times to get the time right. Sometimes it closes on data entry, sometimes not.

“Jane, how do I get off this crazy thing…”

Then when it did close, it didn’t schedule — it published. Fuck. I know you were trying to save me 1 click – but WordPress you have caused me 20 clicks to fix the “guesses” your software is making to avoid the 1 click.

I’ve become the elderly mouse in the maze. Who moved my cheese? Fucking WordPress that’s who.

You are not fucking Gutenberg changing the way the world communicates, you are Skinner running your users through a fucked up maze for your own amusement. Stop moving my cheese you WordPress bastards…

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  1. Yeah. that would be the smart way to do it. But that’s too much effort. I just type my bullshit at 10-min intervals and then schedule for Tuesday… I will forever be a shitty first draft writer.


  2. I hate the block editor. Like you I was perfectly happy before. I’m not needing to add video or get paid or any of that other BS. I just want to post a mini-essay with maybe a pic or two. Done. I use the classic editor block, but I can’t insert pics where I want them anymore. Maybe I need to go back to doing everything in word first. Blech.

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