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Facebook Bullshit

For the four people who found this blog through Facebook, you may have noticed a change. No longer is my Facebook page called Kieran’s Bullshit.

Facebook called bullshit on Kieran’s Bullshit.

For the past few days I was getting multiple notifications per day. I would have taken a screen shot, but the second I changed the page title, it was “approved” and all the trails of the notifications were removed. But they said something like:

“You page title does not meet our standards on profanity” blah, blah, blah.

Came with a link to Facebook standards and directions on how to change the name. The standards said nothing about profanity. Only that page titles cannot be “abusive.” After 4 years of filling the Facebook community with Kieran’s Bullshit, the robots decided Bullshit is “abusive.”

That’s Bullshit.

Now our corporate overlords get to tell us what is abusive or profane? And they are picking words you can say on network television as “profane.” Fuck you Mark Fuckerberg. I’m not saying someone else is writing bullshit. There was no prohibition on self-abuse.

My Facebook handle is still @kieranbullshithumor, and the address for this website is still It’s only a matter of time before the robots find that bullshit and want it removed.

Admin screen for Kieran’s Humor. Note the many links to promote, create ads or boost a post. All denied when this was named Bullshit.

For four years, Facebook has begged me to buy ads for “Kieran’s Bullshit” page. In 2018, I tried. It was denied. Can’t have profanity in the ads.

I can handle that. Ads get randomly sprinkled on other people’s pages and feeds and who wants a bunch of church ladies complaining about a $3 ad. I didn’t want to spread this shit too far anyway. Trying to keep my name off this shitty first draft style.

But Facebook’s left robots were not talking to their right robots. Every week the revenue robot would beg me to buy an ad that the standards robots would later cancel due to profanity. Every year I would get an itch and give it a try. Every year it ended in a “deny”.

With this little “change,” and a few dollars from the Sugar Mama, maybe 2021 is the year I annoy the innocent with links to this bullshit humor page. Maybe if I find a new job and get some of my own money. She’s busy covering the bills for her friends, so leaves no funds for Facebook ads.

What’s the one thing I’ve learned from this new “standard” from Facebook?

I’ve become cowed. Instead of steaming over this rant and angrily beating my keyboard with my best finger bangs, I quietly tossed a few words on the page. There’s little anger left. The overlords have won.

Look for the clean ads for “kieran’s humor” filling your Facebook feeds soon.

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  1. Funny how the acorns of hypocrisy have not rolled far from the tree of “free-speech”You and that other insensitive bastard Dr Seuss are being systematically censored.

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  2. Had a similar thing on Twitter, but even more strange. I have no idea what the problem was, but they reacted to something I wrote about Texas, Abbot, vacination, autism, or maybe bad punctuationl. The sent me to a similar page with the same result. I mean, I had no problem about 45 being tossed off, but it didn’t make a difference to me because I blocked him 2 years ago. They are just getting wierd? Weird?

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