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STFU about prosecuting Trump

Every week for the last 5 years, we have heard the same bullshit, “as soon as he is out of office Trump and his co-conspirators will be arrested and prosecuted.” There are so many of these “investigative stories”, I’m not even going to dignify them with links.

There are so many legitimate accounts of crimes, I’m not going to bother to link — Google “Tump [insert crime name]” and the list will appear.). From the books, other trials and transcripts, we know Trump, his kids, and his cronies are guilty of:

  • tax evasion
  • fraud
  • obstruction of justice
  • influence peddling
  • campaign finance fraud
  • bid rigging
  • illegal billing for his hotels
  • co-mingling his business, campaign and government fund
  • waste, fraud and abuse of government funds for his golf trips
  • the Hatch Act
  • conspiring with foreign officials to influence an American election
  • lying to Congress
  • lying to the FBI
  • sedition, treason
  • maybe rape and child sex trafficking (Jeffrey Epstein ladies and gentlemen)
  • and so many more crimes they can hardly be counted.

But I’m fucking exhausted with the leaks and stories that justice is coming. It’s been almost a full fucking year. Not one indictment. No arrests.

It’s pretty fucking clear to me that Trump and his authoritarian cronies are planting the people who will put Trump in office no matter who wins in 2024. They will gerrymander and pass bullshit voter laws to create long lines and high hurdles for anyone who may vote democratic. They will put puppets in power to throw out votes they don’t like and make bogus claims of fraud in elections they lose. They will have county officials and legislatures “decide” who won no matter the actual count.

There will be no republicans of honor left to stop them. They have been purged like Liz Cheney, Jeff Flake and Mike Pence.

The only way I see to stop them is to have genuine prosecutions that lock up the leaders and convince the followers to give up on their Trump dynasty dreams. But talking about it, and then nothing happens, only emboldens the traitors.

With all the smoke and no fire, it makes people believe the charges are bullshit, and it strengthens Trump’s grip on the ignorant.

It’s time to perp walk the fat fuck, or shut the fuck up.

Unless this is the “art” for your story… don’t bother to report it. Stole the image from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/RepublicansAreScum/comments/f1aspp/a_fun_photoshop_i_did_for_when_trump_eventually/

The media should refuse to publish/report/tweet any leaks or tall tales that indictments and investigations are pending. The next story should come only when Trump, or his family, or his associates are in cuffs.

Why the fuck is he still free?

I don’t know. I’ve only got guesses. Some sound like they are boarding on conspiracies, but I still think them.

Top 10 guesses

10) There are paper trails, but few witnesses who will stand up in court (they killed Epstein didn’t they?)

9) The statute of limitations has run out on most offenses while he hid in the Oval Office.

8) There are enough Republicans in prosecutors’ offices to slow down/kill the process.

7) He’s 78, prosecutors figure the fried chicken and burgers will kill him before they can finish a case, so why start?

6) All the Trump judges would make it impossible to win a case against him or it would be tossed on appeal (have you seen this Supreme Court?)

5) With 35-percent of the people backing Trump, you could never get a jury to unanimously convict — so don’t waste the effort.

4) Democrats figure the “threat” of an indictment is better politically than actually doing anything. All the benefits; none of the risks.

3). Trump and his followers at FBI, CIA (Russian intelligence) have enough shit on everyone else, they can’t bust him without being arrested themselves. (A Mexican standoff of indictments).

2) Prosecutors are afraid his fucking gun nut followers will start a pointless civil war.

1) All of the Above

I’m sure if we spend another 20-minutes on this we could come up with 50 other “reasons.” But they are all just fucking excuses for prosecutors at the Justice Department, Southern District of New York, the New York AG’s office and others not to finish their jobs.

If it’s not going to happen, I don’t want to fucking hear about it anymore. Indictments talk; bullshit walks.

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  1. You seem to have forgotten another reason: All politics is a bullshit cover for corruption, whether Democrat or Republican. When are they gonna indict the great art master, Hunter? And will they indict his father after his term ends, for influence peddling? I think the answers are “never,” and “no.”

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      • Even if it’s just a half-pound of corruption, it leaves me wondering what lies below the surface of the iceberg. And selling garbage paintings for more than you’d get for a Picasso seems like more than just a half-pound of corruption, to me.

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      • I’m always skeptical and suspicious of those in power. Almost all federal politicians “earn” way more than their salaries would allow, and their portfolios magically seem to grow. Who knows the value of art? That’s another field full of bullshit. But if we are going to go after the corrupt, we should start at the billionaire big dogs who hire family members and bill the US gov for family businesses first.

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  2. It is very, very, very hard holding rich and powerful people accountable for their crimes. They have all the money in the world to throw at the best legal defense teams. They have well connected friends. Hell, they may be the well connected friend. I don’t make predictions, but knowing how long it takes to put a criminal case together, I’d say any expectation on indicting the orange golfenfuhrer should start spring 2022. If we don’t see anything by then, we can start concerning ourselves about a busted system.

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