Political Correctness

On (Re)Writing Pretty Woman

Credit does not always go where credit is due. Here’s a good story of how that can happen.

Stephen Metcalfe

To this day, people often ask me why my name doesn’t appear in the credits of the film, Pretty Woman, on which I did a lot of work.   It’s a long story and it’s a short story.  The long one first, at least as I remember it.

In the late eighties, Touchstone Picture acquired the rights to the screenplay, 3000, by J.F. Lawton. It was the dark, gritty, very realistic story of Vivian, a street prostitute, and Edward, a manipulative, amoral, wealthy businessman who hires Vivian’s services for a week. The best way to describe the tone of the screenplay is that it ends with Vivian emptying her suitcases of all the expensive clothes Edwards has bought for her and, screaming hysterically in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, throwing them at his limo as he drives off into the sunset, never to see her again. It would have made a…

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