Anti Theism

Dick moves of the omnipotent

If your imaginary gawd is truly “loving” and omnipotent, why?

  • Make men peak sexually at 17 and women at 40
  • Dry out the body with age, so you have to drink more water, while simultaneously enlarging the prostate
  • Appendicitis. The appendix is NOT useless — it’s a good way to kill the poor or uninsured
  • Allow mosquitoes/leeches/parasites to thrive
  • Create viruses? They don’t breathe or think, they only mutate so they can live to make us sick and die
  • Viagra — Allow humans to cure erectile dysfunction in men (who are probably unfuckable and should not be trying to reproduce anyway) before finding a cure for cancer.
  • Cancer? Literally, the idea is to have our own cells kill us.

There’s a much longer list we could make, but I’m going to stop at “cancer.” Seems like cancer should win “Dick Move of the Year” for eternity…

If you believe an all powerful being “created man”, then he did the same for every variation of every virus. Covid-19 has been vying for Dick Move of the Year for 3 years straight. (Image created by Bing image generator.)

Feel free to add your own list of Dick Moves of the Omnipotent in the comments.

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    • Or even worse that said gods are actually involved in our lives — deciding football games, which kids survive cancer or car accidents and directing tornados.


  1. I used to deliver Salvation Army bell ringers to their assignments. During that stint I found myself giving the Major a ride. He told a story about god telling him to visit his brother who was a bad alcoholic. When he arrive his brother said he was just about to commit suicide. The Major was convinced god had sent him to save his brother.
    I said, “wouldn’t it be easier if god didn’t make him and alcoholic?” The major replied that his brother had free will to drink. My answer was “why would god let his free will lead him to drinking , then send you to prevent his free will to commit suicide?”
    The silence was defining.

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