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White Men will be Fine — Updated

On some random Facebook post, somebody said: “the era of white men is over”.  That could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

They said the same shit when the Americans won the revolution, slavery ended, women got the right to vote, Civil Rights passed, and we elected Obama (a half Irishman). Somehow each of those steps was going to disturb the “natural order” (white men). But it never does.


Here’s a couple of white dudes from 2017 with completely different attitudes.   Jon Stewart looks toward the future, while Mitch McConnell turns his back.

Most white men continue to earn high wages, advance their careers and thrive all around the world (with some exceptions).

This general success is not because white men are special. Their ancestors left them a legacy of economic and political stability and rule of law — along with a set of social and political biases that gave them built-in advantages. But they are so far ahead even without those advantages, they are not even going to miss a car payment.

White men have a lot of shit to make up for: slavery, genocide, economic domination and deprivation of other groups… But acknowledging those atrocities over generations doesn’t mean we repeat the offenses in reverse.

Setting rules on male behavior or opening up jobs, government and society to people with different backgrounds isn’t going to “hurt” white men. Everybody can get their piece of the pie. By letting more people in, the fucking pie gets bigger.

But demagogues and greedy assholes are spreading lies and fear that ignores these facts.  The assholes seem to be winning (for now).

Most whites assume, wealth and power is only won through domination. They don’t say it directly, but it’s clear in the Make America Great Again and in their anger of “others.” They basically fear if other people rise up,  whites must fall. Don’t believe me –read this. Fucking people think they need civil rights for whites. Dumbshits.

The world doesn’t work that way

Karl Marx was wrong.  Economics is not just a zero-sum game. If organized and regulated correctly, economic growth is good for everyone.

I thought that was a tenant of Republicanism, but apparently only some of them believe it. The Trumpinistas think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and they and their children and grandchildren are going to get screwed along the way.

And that’s what pisses me off about the memes coming from the Left like: “the era of white men is over.”

It might make you feel good for a second to say it, but it’s a fucking lie. It does nothing but fuel the reactionaries who created the Tea Party, follow Brietbart and voted for Trump.

Life is hard for everyone.  Attacking any group in power to say they will soon be out of power is going to make them pull in like cold dicks and try to protect their soft little heads.

But shrinkage isn’t good for anyone — it leads to petty, small-dick dictators (Putin, Erdogan and possibly Trump).

So if you believe the world needs to be more inclusive and things need to change, stop saying stupid shit that only causes fear and resentment.

If you are a white man, who is worried about your place in the world and think you are a victim of “reverse racism”, stop being such a fucking pussy. flaccid penis.

We can make a fair and just society with equal opportunity for all, and guess what: white men will be fine.


I originally wrote this post in 2017. Seems even more true today.

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  1. “Economics is not just a zero-sum game”.

    Fearmongering only reinforces the belief that is someone has to lose and no one wants to be that person. History will not be kind on this period in right-wing politics.

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