Stories of Akron

A little bit of Akron in La Jolla

During my annual foray into the LJBTC community, this flew overhead for about two minutes.

If it’s too small to read, that’s the Goodyear blimp.

Reminded me of another time in what seems like another world.

The beautiful 1 percenters looking up with their white asses hanging out of their g-string swimsuits have probably never seen where those blimps are made and maintained.

But I have.

Every school child in Akron, Ohio was whisked away past the rubber factories to the “airdock”. A black and gray monstrosity to build blimps.

“It’s so big, when we wash the floors, a cloud forms and then it rains inside,” the tour guides always said.

It by far was the “most fascinating” field trip in Akron. Just like the kids in La Jolla when they went to Scripps to snorkel with the dolphins.

You know interact with the mammals with the biggest brains on the planet in their natural environment or watch a toothless carney wash a plastic bag full of air. Same thing.

But now I’m renting time with them. Clad in my paint-stained Nike shorts from 1990-something and a touristy t-shirt I bought at a trinket shop in Alaska just to remind them not all clothes come from Lululemon

And here comes the blimp. I’d say it’s a reminder that not all places are beautiful like La Jolla, but these fuckers don’t know that. Even a dirty blimp looked good against their perfect light-blue sky…

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