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Say their name — Traitors

Protestors, rioters, terrorists… seem to be the media’s choice for naming the fools who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 and might be planning more attacks this week.

Cops and prosecutors arrest and charge them as trespassers and assaulters and say they participated in “disorderly conduct.”


They are traitors and cop killers.

They were are trying to overthrow our properly elected government and establish what can only be called a dictatorship — what else would you call a leader who lost but stayed in power when his violent followers pushed the Capitol police out of the way and tried to kill “politicians” (including his own Vice President).

This is not a peaceful protest that got out of hand. This was a poor attempt at a coup.

Lest ye think this is hyperbole — it’s spelled out in the constitution:

Article III, Section 3 says treason is: “…levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Jan. 6 perfectly fits that definition.

Levying war means the assembly of armed people to overthrow of the government or to resist its laws. Enemies are subjects of a foreign government that is in open hostility with the United States. The terms… derive from English legal tradition, specifically the Treason Act 1351. “

Armed crowds incited with the Big Lie of election fraud (only for Trump and only in select states) tried to overthrow the government and resist its laws. They waved the confederate battle flag (a callback to treason from 1860) and paraded it through our government halls.

“Hang Mike Pence..” and “Where’s Nancy?” was not free speech when an armed group is wandering the halls of Congress.

It was an act of war.

Just because the traitors were terrible at their jobs, recruiting clowns and the mentally ill to do their dirty work, (you saw the shirtless “Qanon shaman” with the buffalo hat, right?) and showing up with bats and flag poles instead of tanks and artillery. It doesn’t mean they didn’t want a war.

Look at the reaction in Washington DC. 25,000 troops are stationed around the Capitol — more troops than we have in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The streets are blocked with concrete. The people’s House surrounded by an “unclimbable” fence.

The fools continue to threaten the inauguration. Fools is the right word — they believe in the Big Lie — despite all evidence to the contrary. They follow even when they know their “leader” lies. They follow when there is no evidence. They follow when they can’t win in court — even courts friendly to some of their ideology and dear leader.

As for “adhering to our Enemies”, they are clearly the tools of foreign interference from Russia and others. Many said they used GoFundMe campaigns to pay for their flights and hotels to DC. I’ll bet most “donations” were made in Rubles and Yuan.

Treason comes with serious penalties — at least 5 years in prison and could be death (rarely used). Everyone who entered the Capitol deserves at least 5 years. Those who destroyed property, took pictures and threatened cops deserve more.

The ones who killed a police officer with a fire extinguisher and beat other police deserve murder and attempted murder convictions. This is not a time for leniency. These are the times we protect our way of life and crack down on open acts of sedition. After the revolution, Washington raised an army to put down the whiskey rebellion.

Leaders of the treason should be first on the list. The speakers at the rally, the politicians who egged them on and voted against the people’s choice, the organizers who told people to come and told them where to go should see years in prison too. I’m looking at you Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. In a fair and just society, you would both see the inside of a cell and shower with gang members.

Boston Tea Party in Reverse

Some may say this will be a small incident and quickly forgotten. It was just a protest. Republicans will call for unity and “try” to forget their role in stoking this violence. They will disavow Trump like they did tariffs and deficits.

But we need to remember this day. It was the Boston Tea Party in reverse.

Both involved angry mobs. Both ended with about 5 people being killed. But in 1770, British troops supporting a dictator (King) shot and killed 5 protestors. The mob was seeking freedom from an army stationed in a city. Eventually becoming patriots to a country that had yet to be formed. In 2021, 5 people died while the mob killed a police officer, tried to kill others and wanted to impose a dictatorship based on a lie. They are traitors to a country with a 230-year history of transferring power based on the people’s choice.

We need to call it what it is: treason done by traitors. It doesn’t matter how stupid or incompetent or unorganized the traitors were. They wanted to rule over the rest of us. They wanted to overthrow an election and put in their own tyrant through violence, intimidation and murder. Fuck them.

We need to prosecute them all to the full extent of the law, and we need to remember this attack on all of us the way we remember the American Revolution, the Civil War and 9/11.

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    • There’s no such thing as a “blue life”. Blue (police) is a profession, not a race or ethnicity. I wish people would stop using this. You can support police, by all means, but it’s not their life. They CHOSE it. Black people didn’t choose to be black and Jewish people didn’t choose to be Jewish. And the traitors, they also chose to be trumpers. False equivalence.

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      • I see your point. But in this case a mob shouldn’t kill people because of their profession either. Agree it’s a choice and not a legacy of birth. But it’s still murder over a political argument.


  1. They’re still spouting craziness online. I visit pro-Trump spaces and it’s wild what’s being posted. There is no reasoning with them. Now they’re pointing to all the troops that were in Washington for the inauguration and asking why they are there if Biden is legitimate and didn’t steal the election. “Because you crazy bastards stormed the Capitol and would love a repeat gets you a virtual eye roll and an explanation that 74 million voters know the truth and won’t let the Democrats betray the country so Biden needs protection from patriots.

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  2. I’m glad you wrote this Kieran. I enjoy your writing. I wish I could have a blog where I spout what’s in my brain, but I live vicariously through you instead while I write about flowers and the like. They are traitors and if they go soft on them, it will happen again and again. These people aren’t going to slink away into the shadows. They are here to stay at least for a while.

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  3. Bless your heart, you don’t know any “conservatives,” do you? They can start a fire with pocket lint, most of them know 19 ways to disable a combatant, and they own all the legal guns on the continent. They did not try to overthrow anything. Come on, they stayed between the velvet ropes and didn’t even scream profanity. When it comes to bullshit, you could expand your horizons beyond Acosta and Psaki. Listening to all sides helps you discern the degree and temperature of verbal feces and sort out the direction of the political winds. Don’t call me names. I have never belonged to any political party. I have never promoted any illegal or unconstitutional activity. I’m old and cynical and don ‘t believe everything that’s set before me. I always question my daily dose of media news and see what I can figure out.


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