Political Correctness

Seeing the world through blue-tinted glasses

Larry the Cable Guy taught me something on Twitter. I too, am becoming a narrow-minded old fart.

Jesus Fucking Christ. I like “Larry”s” comedy (his real name is Dan). I started following him years ago. Most of his tweets were sports videos or farts, or people farting while fishing. You know, funny stuff. But then this bullshit.

Now I have to decide: can I put this aside and follow him anyway, or block the mother fucker because he doesn’t agree with me.


Remember when you didn’t give a damn about the politics of a comedian or an actor or a singer? Sure, we knew Bob Dylan was nuts — swinging from folk music hippie to Jesus freak and back again every 5 years. But we didn’t care as long as his songs didn’t suck.

I have no idea if Rodney Dangerfield was a communist or a libertarian.

It seems like just a few years ago, I liked both the Kings of Comedy and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (which was just a rip off of the Kings of Comedy with the non-modern, non-hip, non-urban crowd — read white people) that made Larry the Cable Guy famous.

Can he spell cultural appropreciation? Probably not, since it’s a word I just made up. That tour/movie copy was more in appreciation of standup than appropriating a culture.

More to the point, could I be a “fan” of a Trump follower? Not really. But I could ignore it — even if it did mean they supported fascism. I could hate the politics and deal with the person. Blame the propagandists, the Fox News talking heads and Re-pussy-can party leaders for leading people astray.

But the anti-mask, anti-vaccine, killing-us-with-covid crowd is just too much. We have 600,000 Americans dead largely due to the failed Dear Orange Leader and his fucked up “Q” followers. Not to mention they want to put an end to democracy and just have a majority of their minority decide who gets into office…

Now they are attacking Anthony Fauci’s emails like they slipped out of Hilary Clinton’s server.

Not that Fauci or any public servant is above reproach, but other than reduce deaths, what could his possible motives be in getting people to wear masks, distance and take precautions? Who had any better ideas at the time? It’s clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that the attacks are a distraction meant to shift blame away from Trump and his mindless troupe.

Sooner or later it’s the individual’s responsibility to see through the lies, look beyond what they and their little circle of friends want to be true and find some semblance of the truth.

It’s a bit of work to spot the bullshit. You have to read more than a cartoon or a meme and try to figure out who is behind the story — and are those people full of shit.

The Fauci email “scandal” is the kind of bullshit that is the easiest to spot. It’s the kind of out-of-context quotes and misleading techniques that usually end with a question like: “when did he stop beating his wife?”

Yes, Fauci was against masks before he was for them. That’s because the science changed. Measuring the microns shows masks should not work. But study masks in the real world and they slow down transmission. That’s why we do experiments with control groups… not everything works like it does in the lab.

But it sounds bad, so the propagandists blow it up, and Larry the Cable Guy tweets it.

Should I expect the obese guy in the cut-off flannel shirt whose best material is about farts, Walmart and mustaches on women to be better?

Stole Image from here: https://www.larrythecableguy.com/

If I block the mother fucker do the propagandists win? You know that’s really what they want. They don’t give a fuck about Trump or Larry the Cable Guy or me. They just want to make their money or sow chaos, or bring down the West so Russia or China can compete (or all of the above).

When we fight, or cancel each other, that’s when the makers of the Bullshit score. It pumps up their ratings, draws more eyeballs, gets more clicks and likes. Sells more ads.

Is our best defense just to ignore the ignorance? Maybe take the best of what they offer and discard the rest… Maybe.

But I just can’t fucking do it.

Supporting the orange fascist in waiting, spewing lies that have killed nearly 4 million people around the world, and now attacking the people who tried to save us… it’s just too fucking much.

I BLOCKED the mother fucker. I don’t feel good about it, but it had to be done.

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  1. Years ago Larry told a joke about “retards”. When the host questioned him, Larry again joked about their mental capacity and non functioning brains, saying, they are funny to watch. The host responded, “Are you including soldiers returning from war with Traumatic Brain Injury. Are they funny to watch?”

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  2. At one point Dan was the wealthiest comedian on the planet. He’s actually a really smart guy. At the end of his comedy central roast he quoted Shakespeare in a British accent. That was a clue it’s all an act.

    I respect your right to cancel or unfollow whomever you want. I’m not on the Twit-ter, but I’ve watched movies with Stallone or Schwarzenegger or whoever. Maybe it’s not PC or ethically pure to support people whose politics i don’t support, but I’m not worried about going to hell since there isn’t one except the one we create here on earth.

    That said, certainly some people cross a line and I won’t support them. Not like I’m spending money on Larry the Cable Guy merch or tickets. Gina Carrano got canned by Disney for making stupid comparisons of mask rules with some Nazi bullshit. I would still watch The Mandalorian if they hadn’t. Why give my enjoyment away for her personal views?

    So we each have to decide what were willing to put up with. But all these non-doctors who think they’re smarter than doctors suck. We could have greatly reduced the pandemic but for the worship of our individual freedoms at all costs over the collective public health and good.

    To quote George Costanza, “We’re living in a society here!” Some people didn’t get that memo, probably because they can’t read. That’s ‘merikuh.

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    • Things are never black and white. And it’s probably not a good idea to “cancel” people because of a few differences of opinion. Hence the reason for an entire post about one click on twitter.


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