Political Correctness

Congressional contempt

Congress’s pathetic attempts to hold insurrectionists in contempt has backfired.

Bannon, Mark Meadows and their ilk will end up being played in a Showtime movie by an Al Pacino clone screaming,”You don’t hold me in contempt, I hold you in contempt.”

That line could be the theme song for 2022.

Why shouldn’t we hold a defanged Congress in contempt. It can’t even defend itself against a toothless horde of flag waving, shit smearers?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Congress as the first branch of government has the power to arrest and hold people who won’t answer its subpoenas.

It hasn’t been done in a long time, but it would suit the “original intentors” right to sit in the basement of the Capitol until they agree to share what they know about the insurrection on Jan. 6. The Founding Fathers were a little fucked up, but they at least knew that Congress had to have a Sergeant at Arms and its own way to enforce its rules.

Photo by Ramaz Bluashvili on Pexels.com. I’ll bet that basement is pretty old, wet and moldy. Much like Steve Bannon himself.
Sloppy Steve may feel very at home in the damp cellar of the Capitol.

The Supreme Court has upheld this power for Congress. Sure Bannon and Roger Stone and Scavino and Navarro and their ilk can plead their case to this politically-charged Supreme Court. Hell, they might even win with these 6 idiots. But that’s going to take at least a year, and in the meantime they can wear pink pajamas and eat green baloney sandwiches.

Sure doubters will say that Congress taking back this power will criminalize politics. It will lead to the majority imprisoning those in the minority they don’t like to score political points or just embarrass the other side.

Imagine Jim Jordon holding Hilary Clinton hostage until all 4 Benghazi investigations were done?

But it doesn’t work on those who testify. Remember Hilary’s 11-hours in the barrel that ended up with one angry rant and two memes of her bored face?

Don’t want to be locked up — show up to testify and you two can look like this.

Both sides ended up claiming a victory. A long stalemate of accusations and counter accusations.

If there is nothing criminal, the minority has nothing to worry about.

The imprisoned hold the keys to their own cell. Tell what you know and you are free to go. They can even just sit down and plead the 5th for 11 hours and release themselves from the control of Congress.

I’d much rather see Congress control its own contempt charges than leave it up to the unelected Attorney General and the people of the Justice Department. At least we get to vote on those we know in Congress every two years. We, the People, have a lot more control over the “people’s house.”

Trying to get 51 (or 218) lawyers to agree on anything is almost a miracle. It’s certainly more democratic than leaving it to one executive who will always have a single, personal agenda.

By failing to enforce its own rules, Congress is failing us. If they want to be taken seriously as a full branch of government, they need to act like it. Starting with locking up those who refuse their subpoenas and spit on their authority.

I’m looking at you Nancy Pelosi, stop being an old flaccid penis, and lock them up.

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