Bad Tech

Removing bullshit

This summer I took the bullshit out of

No, no, the content is the same old crap, I just changed the domain name and website address. It’s — thank you very much…

Why? because I’m weak.

  • I lost the courage of my convictions that there’s no such thing as dirty words.
  • I succumbed to the conventions of the “crowd” and tried to pick a more acceptable “address” for this bullshit.
  • I gave up on my dream that someday we would all be judged by the content of our sites and not on the shit in our titles.

I did it to be liked — by the robot advertising engines at Facebook, Twitter and Google. They hated my bullshit. Denied it at every turn. Fuck.

“Humor”; the robots like that word. They let it pass through their dirty word filters like… shit through a bull.

Did it help? Not a single little bit. No extra searches, no more impressions… hell Twitter still won’t take my money to promote my bullshit. How humiliating.

I should have just kept shoveling the same old shit.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Maybe not an actual pile of bullshit, but you get the metaphor. What do you want the picture was free.

That way when no one showed up to read it, I could blame the prudish search engines, and the subconscious “icky felling” of typing out a “dirty word” just to spend two minutes feeling the pain of an aging, angry, white man living a suburban life in the summer temperatures of hell.

But now there’s no one left to blame. Just my shitty first draft style, overused point of view and outdated ideas of what’s true (or funny).

Don’t worry. I’m not changing the URL again. That domain money is already spent. And gawd knows my principles are not worth the $18 it would take to switch it back again.

Bullshit removed — it’s Kieran humor from here on out. Weak sauce, I know.


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  1. These days there’s a bullshit shortage, due to our sanctions against Russia. Apparently, that’s where our farmers used to get most of their bullshit. Have you considered targeting a midwestern audience?

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  2. I’m with you about the sweary words. But pearls will be clutched and all that…people need their daily dose of outrage about stuff that doesn’t matter to distract from the stuff that actually does. Sigh. Fuck that shit.


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  3. I really didn’t notice the bad words. I came to the site only for the content. I’m “usually” not inclined to bull shit people. Especially about their blog. Actually it just occurred to me that I have only done it once.

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