Lewis Black

Urgent Problem – Update

I missed the Lewis Black show in Phoenix for 2022.  But here’s a reminder of a happier time, (2018) when I made the show, and he read my little joke… with video.

Compare the video to the script. This is what I wrote:

“Hey Lewis,

I’m here tonight and have an urgent problem.

I’ve got one dose of Immodium left, and I can’t remember if it stops diarrhea or makes it worse?

Please hurry with an answer.

Row J is going to be a real shithole if we get this wrong.”

This is what Lewis Black read:

… Must be that years of experience say don’t go for the “shit hole joke” at the end? I thought that was the funny part.

But never fear; experience, talent and better judgement will not stop me from digging into every shit hole I can find for this Bullshit blog.