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The dirty secrets of marketing are hidden from the good people of earth by the likes of the Kardashians, the Resnicks and the people who pimp for Donald J. Trump. Here’s a short story about promotion by one of “us.”


You can now pre-order his book Attachment Patterns on Amazon.

Stephen Metcalfe

Promotion.  Look it up.  “An activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.”  Or more to the point – “the publicization of a product so as to increase sales or public awareness”.  In this case, the product is a book.  My latest novel, Attachment Patterns, is being released by Austin-Macauley Publishing at the end of this month, April 28th to be precise, and guess what?  I have no idea how to promote it.  Why?  Because I don’t have any idea as to how to promote anything.  I never have. 

In the nineteen seventies and eighties I worked in the theatre: Off-Broadway and regional. When plays were produced the theatres promoted them. They created a subscription audience; they advertised in the newspaper, there were occasional features in the local Sunday arts section. More importantly, if the reviews and word of mouth…

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