Carol Baskins

Doggie doppelgänger

My tiger-striped chiweenie may not be the only chihuahua-mix named Carol Baskin. The devastating news came as I was picking her up at the groomer. (Johnny’s Dog House — awesome place).

“Did you ride with the dog on a bicycle?” a groomer asked. I had.

We put the Baskin in the basket whenever the weather is less then 105, and the trip is short.

Carol Baskin — first time in a basket.

“Did you take her to Furry Fluffers before?” groomer boy asked.

My dog does not need fluffing. Furry Fluffers is the creepiest porn name in history.

Apparently it’s not a studio for porn hub, it’s a different dog shop off Higley Road about 5 miles east of my house and groomer boy’s former employer shop. And it is actually named Furry Friends Salon — not sure if it was the kid or me who said or heard “fluffer” instead of “friends” — but one of us has a dirty mind.

“I used to work over there, and we had another striped chihuahua named Carol Baskin who used to come in on a bike. So I assumed it was you.”

It was NOT.

How could there be two?

No one can be as funny as me and the wife as “parents”. Sure the Boy may have come up with the name, but we made it famous. Spreading it across a Junior High School in Mesa and splashing it on this little-known internet site.

We have jackets with her name printed on the back in purple and in pink. We proudly mention the name to everyone we meet and wait for the knowing smile of a Tiger King viewer. It’s a name that places our pup in time and space.

We got her in the first month of Covid lockdown (March, 2020). Those who get the joke were stuck at home watching Netflix and clicked on the crazy people in Oklahoma and Florida that keep tigers in their backyard.

The wife jumped on the Carol Baskin name as a reminder to all, that she is easily capable of killing her husband. It’s my daily reminder that she could feed me to the tigers or stuff me down a disposal without guilt or consequences.

It’s funny and scary.

Is there another wife out there joke-threatening her husband with a pup’s name? The “rescue” told us “Carol” had a sister. Was she tiger-striped and adopted at the height of Tiger King by people with such a low moral code they can steal our dog’s name?

Say it ain’t so, Carol.

Stolen from 8 men out — 1919 Chicago Blacksox scandal when Shoeless Joe Jackson (and 7 others) were accused of throwing the world series to be paid off by gamblers.

Say it ain’t so, Carol… You will always be the only funny Baskin to me…

Carol Baskin in a basket…

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  1. I never watched Tiger King, so I never made the connection, so I always thought that was a strange name for a dog. Now I get it, kind of. I guess I’d get it more if I watched Tiger King. Your dog looks very cute in that basket, though. Has she ever jumped out? The chihuahua in her might keep her in, but the wiener dog in her might compel her to jump out. We have wiener dogs and a chihuahua. I know how they behave.


  2. It’s a strange name even if you watched the show… All you need to know is Carol Baskin is a “Tiger Queen”, who may have killed her husband and fed him to her tigers. The basket has a little hook that clips to the dog’s harness. Couldn’t jump out if she tried. She really hasn’t tried. She’s pretty content to ride around in the basket and let the wind blow through her ears.


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