Dirty Words

Celebrating Sluttery

I’ll never know why “slut” is an insult. Women who like sex and like to show it off should be treated like fucking diamonds.

Just like diamonds there are plenty of them out there, but De Beers and fucking “society” keep them rare. I get why the De Beers cartel does it with crystallized coal. Those bastards are just chasing a dollar.

But I’m fucking mystified why people shame women for having a sex drive. Works for the pimps who are driving up the cost of sex on the street. But it doesn’t seem to work for anyone else.

I’m not talking about women who cheat. They are just fucking liars. I’m talking about #slutshaming for singles.

I don’t have a dick in this fight. My dick has been locked up in marriage for 3 decades and isn’t likely to get free anytime in the future. So, I’m just a disinterested party, trying to save our society as this bullshit “chastity” spirals into this self-destructive shaming.

Of course it’s destructive for the women who get shamed, but there are lesser known impacts.

You know school and church shooters are just little shit heads who couldn’t get laid. If we let women be more open about their own desires, maybe these dumb fucks could find a girl.

I’m sure they start by polishing their own nobs and they end up polishing their AK-47’s and dreaming of fame. Access to just one vagina could save a lot of lives. It’s hard to carry out a mass shooting, when you are carrying a purse outside the ladies room at the mall.

Part of the blame is my generation of dads. There’s some code of locking up their daughters from all comers or cumers (whatever you prefer).

I understand that impulse. There’s something about that feeling that gives a man a sense of control. But when you think about it for a second, that’s a pretty fucked-up notion It’s a religious and cultural vestige of the middle ages. We are no longer trying to increase our daughter’s value as a trade for marriage, for fuck’s sake. You not getting an extra goat because you made your daughter go to prom with her cousin.

Continue the middle-age impulse to it’s logical conclusion, and you end up covering women from head to toe, cutting off their pleasure parts and hiding them in your compound in the desert.

I get protecting under-aged girls, but just like drinking, drugs and driving, girls and boys will learn how to handle it when they are old enough to handle it. They have been learning it for millions of years. Do you think chimps worry about under-aged sex? If fucking monkeys can figure it out, why can’t we?

Kids are going to make mistakes, and sex with the wrong person, really isn’t that big a mistake — it’s a lot less dangerous than texting and driving. And we don’t seem to be shaming those little douchebags for that.

So let’s stop the fucking shaming and start celebrating all things sluttery. It would be a safer world, and probably a lot more fun.

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