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PC culture is the ultimate bullshit. When I can’t think of a category, shit goes here.

Donald Trump misses me

Hey happy day, I made the “special donor” list for the MAGA campaign.

Of course I did. I’m a white, baby boomer, male living in the reddest republican district in the reddish-purple state of Arizona.

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The Sun Pussy

These goddamn pendejos from Tucson have taken body shaming to a whole fucking new level.

This time we were renting a few days with the 1% in the LJBTC community.  Fuck Disneyland, the LJBTC is the happiest place on earth.

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Cotes du Rhone

About 20 years ago, I heard red wine is good for you. Probably bullshit, but that doesn’t keep me from drinking 2-3 bottles a month.

And not that good red wine either.  I drink the cheap shit — straight from Trader Joes. Get ready to bend down low, because my bottles are on the bottom shelf.

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Oxy Robbery

The CVS drugstore near my office is clean, efficient, and can fill every imagniable personal need.

It’s fucking amazing. I love it.

Unfortunately, it’s more of a magnet for crime than a two-dollar whore house.

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A Day Without Labor

I love Labor Day.

The Fourth of July is bullshit; Christmas perpetuates the Greatest Lie Ever Told; but Labor Day is simple and honest:  Let’s take a day off to celebrate that we get to take days off.

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